Wednesday 120215

For time: 

1000m Row 
50 Dumbell snatch, 30# (20#)

750m Row
35 Dumbell snatch, 30# (20#)

500m Row 
20 Dumbell snatch, 30# (20#)

Post time to comments.

Congratulations to Dan for achieving his first RX WOD this month.

A letter from our friend Nick Brereton …

I’ve been back in the Midwest for about 6 months now and was doing a self-reflection today and immediately thought of Verve and all you guys have done for me.  So I figured I’d take a few minutes and say thank you to everyone at Verve for helping me get into Crossfit, better my fitness level, better my mental and overall health…and really better my life as a whole.Moving back to the midwest has been quite a challenge.  The lack of overall health in the people I’m surrounded by everyday is scary and at times very depressing.  As much as I’d like to say the area hasn’t rubbed off on me a little and my health and fitness hasn’t suffered, I’d be lying.  It has been extremely hard to find good quality food (no wholefoods or natural grocers) and has also proved to be quite a challenge to find an adequate Crossfit gym (of the 3 CF gyms here none even remotely compare to Verve).  BUT, after more than a few months of finding excuses for not doing what I should be doing (mainly whining to myself everyday “this place sucks because there is no Verve and everyone in this town looks and eat like hippopotamuses”). I finally thought to myself, “this has to change” which was immediately followed by “what would my friends at Verve tell me?”
I knew you guys wouldn’t let a few inconveniences stop you from living a healthy and full life.  So I have finally decided to take some action.  I now get my meat for a local organic, grassfed, grass finished farm, delivered once a month and starting in May I’ll have a CSA vegetable share from a group of local organic farms.  I also attended my level 1 certificate course in Chicago this January, and started training at my local CF gym last week.  I figured having learned from the best I was as good a person as any to try to spread what I learned from all of you. I still check the Verve webpage daily for inspiration and to see how everyone is doing.
Anyway, the main point of this email is to say thank you to all of you.  It’s because of Verve that I not only have the desire to better myself but most importantly I have the knowledge of HOW to do all of it.  The biggest obstacle I see for the majority of people I’m surrounded by everyday isn’t lack of desire but lack of know how.  I know I’d be just like them had it not been for Verve.  The example that all of you set by not only teaching the ways of health but actually LIVING what you teach is so PRICELESS.  I sincerely hope you all know what a positive and profound impact your lifes have on so many people, myself included.  Thank you for everything.  I hope life is treating you all well.  I miss you guys.  Thank again.
Warm Regards,
Nick Brereton
P.S.  I have to apologize regarding my “eat like hippopotamuses” comment…according to “hippos are herbivores and their diet consists mainly of grass and some water plants.”  Apparently they don’t eat at the 5 guys that is literally next door to my gym.  My apologies to any hippopotamuses that may have been offended by my earlier statement.
Anyone see the irony in the fact that large animals are herbivores (Rinos, elephants etc…) and lean animals are carnivores (Wild cats, leopards and mountain lions)? We love and miss you Nick! Verve is not the same without you.
*Update on nutrition challenge.  We are busy calculating all the results and will have those completed this week, in time to announce winners early next week.  If you have not turned in either your points total, resting HR or Chelsea score, DO SO ASAP, to, with subject line: I am a nutrition ninja! So many awesome results we can’t wait to share! 


  1. Mr. Watson :

    NIck, you’re well missed my friend. I’m glad you’ve found some strength out in IL to forge your own way and spread some Verve love & knowledge!

  2. David S :


  3. Leslie :

    Ugh! I hated this work out. Thanks Matt for pushing me to the finish!!

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