Wednesday 120307

Clean 1-1-1 rep
Bench press 1-1-1 rep
Overhead squat 1-1-1 rep 

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Julia in the net during an inning of "baseball".

The L-Sit

CrossFit is characterized by constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity.  Functional movements are those that have the ability to move a large load a long distance quickly.  High intensity is exactly equal to average power, which can be achieved by following the formula: Force * Distance / Time.  With all these things in mind, why would we perform the L-sit?

When seated in an L-sit on the floor, one is awakened immediately with the cramping reminder of what the hip flexors are.  After only a few seconds in an L-sit, the abdominals are working hard stabilizing the midline, the illiopsoas is contracting hard to pull the femur closer to the trunk, and rectus femoris is also contracting hard to pull the heels off the ground.  Within ten seconds, your heels draw closer to the floor, your hip flexors (illiopsoas & rectus femoris) begin cramping, and your abdominals feel as if they are turning inside-out.

With a little time spent in this position on a regular basis, the body adapts to this stimulus by contracting these muscle stronger, for longer.  The benefit of practicing this isometric exercise is the ability to stabilize your midline in trunk and hip flexion… something we don’t often practice.  A novel idea would be to progress from a L-hang from the pull-up bar, to a tuck on the P-bars, to an L-sit on the P-bars, and finally an L-sit on the floor.  Practice accumulating :10 seconds at a time for a total of a minute and a half.  After a little time… toes-to-bar will be easier, gymnastics movements requiring a hollow position will seem simple, and body positioning in weightlifting movements will improve – all translating to the ability to move a large load a long distance quickly.


  1. scott andrews :

    Hands on the up and down. Feet on the left to right. You’ll go so much faster. Love your guys new site can’t wait to get stateside to see Chan2 kick it agian.

  2. David S :

    225 pr – 205 – 195

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