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3 Rep Max Bench Press

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Double unders

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Joe and Meghan double swinging

I am not what happens to me, I am not what happens around me, I am not my past, nor my future.  I am what I choose to be, I am  how I react, I am defined by my choices not the choices of others.  Who I am is my decision, I can choose to be a victim of people or events or I can choose not to be.  My ability to thrive is not dependent on external forces.  My happiness does not rest on others shoulders. 

There is no one else to blame, there is nothing to accuse, I am my creator.  Perception is the foundation of much suffering.  How I perceive myself is often how others will perceive me.  All that surrounds me is created by choices.  Choose your thoughts, actions and words with this in mind. 


  1. James (O.G.) :

    I am Jack’s inflamed sense of rejection.

  2. Patrick M :

    I love the post today. Especially coming back from spring break where several of my students said they “Hated spring break”. I reminded them that the cloudy day at the beach, or the delays in flights or late night wedding they attended, should not make life so that they “hate” spring break. Rather take these times and make the best of it. My little life lesson did not go over well, perhaps they will understand Cherie’s message when they are in their 30’s Thanks for channeling some Buddhist insight. I love the post today.

  3. Julie H. :

    Wonderful post. A great thought to start EVERY day. Thank you!

  4. cherie :

    Hey guys – we have a missing wallet from the noon class. Anyone accidentally pick up the wrong one? Please let us know ASAP

  5. Amanda K. :

    Thank you for this post. It couldn’t mean more to me.

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