Wednesday 120418

3 rounds for time:
Run 800m
50 back extensions
50 sit-ups

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Tara, Rockin' the Shoulder Triplet

The CrossFit Method

Diet lays the molecular foundations for fitness and health.  Metabolic Conditioning builds capacity in each of the metabolic pathways. Gymnastics establishes functional capacity for body control and range of motion.  Weightlifting and Throwing develops ability to control external objects and produce power.  Sport applies fitness in competitive atmosphere with more randomized movements and skill mastery.

CrossFit also requires intensity and technique, which are not at odds.  Intensity is relative, technique is not.  We believe, that when embarking on a CrossFit routine there are three steps.  1) Learn the mechanics of the movements.  This is very important for your safety and future improved fitness. 2) Be consistent.  Consistently display great form while preforming movements and do at least three WOD’s a week.  3) Then and only then add intensity for optimizing results.  For some people it takes a few years to realize this.  Either way heed the path, not the ego and the rewards of great fitness will be yours.

Keep these in mind when getting psyched for the daily WOD; mechanicsconsistency and then intensity.  Measure yourself against yourself and you decide if you are increasing your real world work capacity.


  1. luke :

    Yo Workout Warriors. Help your hamstrings out after today’s massacre.

    You may need those hamstrings as the week progresses…

  2. Jeremy :

    Completely stoked to drink wine during mobility work…

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