Wednesday 120516

Four rounds for time of:

Run 400m
21 Toes-to-bar

Post time to comments.

Dan with a little air under his toes.

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

CrossFit fucking hurts! Now I don’t mean in the sense that we’re getting injured all the time, rather I mean that the expression of efforts equates to a very uncomfortable sensation in our bodies. What’s interesting is that this self induced sensation is what affords us such a desirable outcome – an increased work capacity across broad time, modal and age domains.

Many times, the biggest obstacle isn’t the load, the duration, or the movements… it’s what’s between our ears that limits our potential. Our thoughts and words set the stage for our actions and habits, which ultimately create our character and define our destiny. With that in mind, how often does your thoughts and words take a turn for the worse… before the workout has even started?!?

I’m not going to pretend that this is something that I have mastered. In fact, I’ve trained myself to read the details of a WOD and state “That’s going to suck!” Right off the bat, I’ve set the tone for negative self talk to creep into my mind and affect my workout. I then mope around, thinking negative thoughts about what’s in store. In Man’s Search For Meaning, Victor Frankl said, “Between stimulus and response, there is space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

In the realm of CrossFit workouts, you can (and should) monitor your thoughts and words at a few very specific times. A half hour before your workout, begin to forge a positive mindset for the events to come. During the workout, use positive thoughts and words only! After the workout, reaffirm the positive thoughts and words you used during the workout to set the tone for your next workout.

Here’s a couple of tools you can use to stay out the dark. Use memories and anchor points of past athletic achievements that make you happy to feed your positive energy. Also, use positive affirmations like “I CAN do it!” or “Keep pushing!”  Refrain from using phrases that contain negative connotations, such as “Don’t stop” or “Never quit”. Remember, your efforts are always successes on your path to fitness. Walk away from each WOD with a positive mindset and affirmations.


  1. Leslie :

    I just wanted to give kudos to Matt for our class today. If you haven’t yet had the chance to try Crossfit Lite (I suggested the name change of Crossfit Skillz) – DO IT! It is for anyone looking to improve on their technique and you get a hard work out too. Today we worked on burpees, push press and the net. The work out was 7 rounds of 1 wall climb, 7 burpees and 7 sit ups. The class gives you more time and personal attention than the main WOD.

    • Jen M :

      I agree… after shopping for a CrossFit home here in the Denver area I picked up some bad habits….and the CrossFit Lite Coaches are catching them and correcting them.

  2. slaughter :

    I love the suck. I choose to embrace it 🙂

  3. Patrick M :

    It makes me wonder why Fran always gets a groan and there is such a negative attitude towards a lovely lady…. I think she is pretty and forceful and a lady to be reckoned with. However, she does not deserve a groan, but rather a hip hooray!. Hopefully each time I get to do Fran I can do a little. better.

  4. Cherie :

    Leslie and Jen –

    Thank you so much for the positive comments about lite/skillz. We’ve been having a blast with it! We’ll certainly consider a name change as I agree it is not “lite” – and much more skill intensive. We won’t be posting the programming, similar to our other programs, oly, mom’s, HD’s Competitors hour. Sorry, just gotta commit and show up, we won’t disappoint!


  5. David S :

    13:02. Rx

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