Wednesday 120711

15-12-9-6-3 reps for time:

Handstand push-ups
Stationary barbell lunges, 135# (95#)

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The Tao — a post by Chris Slaughter

Taoism is a philosophical tradition which puts importance on living in harmony with the driving force behind things that exist. “Tao” refers to the way, path, or principle; and taosim may be interpreted as “The natural way of doing all things.”  Like water flows downstream, we too should follow the natural ways.

My understanding is that the highest priority of authentic Taoism is the protection and maintenance of life from disease, physical deterioration, physical danger, or psychological stress. Whether or not we realize, these are the same goals we aspire to reach when we enter the gym. (Just for clarification the way these goals are carried out in the gym and in true Taoism are very different.)

An interesting concept which comes up from Taoism is the Yin and Yang. Referring to “light and darkness”. (Common misconception is that it refers to good and evil). The true representation is that of complementary opposites. These forces that are seemingly contrary are interdependent and one does not exist without the other. An example we see in the gym is static/slow vs. dynamic/fast movements. These types of movements are different and seemingly opposite, but complement each other greatly. Think plank hold and burpee. Also calmness of mind and aggression. An aggressive movement may benefit you in a WOD for a short period of time but will eventually burn you out, whereas complete calmness while at the gym may leave a few seconds or minutes you could have knocked off of your WOD. I call this mental balance “blissful determination”.

Everything has yin and yang aspects and they may shift slightly in one direction over the other but will eventually ebb and flow back and forth over time to find balance. We may emphasize endurance WODs for a while to get better metabolic conditioning, and then focus more on Hot Dogs & Cup Cakes WODs to bring our strength up. But in Crossfit we aim for the highest level of physical balance.   

The 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games begins today!  Wednesday was surprisingly announced as a competition day for the individual competitors.  They will be showing their prowess in four scored events that include a 700-meter ocean swim with fins, followed by an 8-kilometer bike ride across undulating terrain and soft sand, finishes with a 11.3-kilometer run across steep hills and more than 427 meters of elevation gain.  After about an hour of rest, athletes will complete the Camp Pendleton School of Infantry Obstacle Course. They will race against each other head-to-head in a three-round bracketed tournament.  For the final piece of the day, athletes will be tested in a standing broad jump for distance. They will have three attempts and will be ranked by the distance of their furthest jump.

There will not be any video cast of the first event due to it being on a military camp.  But CrossFit HQ will have live radio coverage from 8am to 3pm.  Find it here!


  1. Have a fantastic time everyone!!! I better hear some hoarse people (when you return) or I won’t believe you yelled loud enough on my behalf (not that it’s about me…)

  2. aMy k. :

    I’m a CHAN fan!
    Thanks, Chris, for the reminder about balance. Working on that today…

    Sorry, anyone who was in the 11:30 WOD or may have tried to get into the 11:30 WOD today… I didn’t make my spot due to a minor moving vehicle accident involving a guilty creep and an 80s Olds. I’m fine, but my poor Jeep has seen some better days 🙁 Looking forward to a great WOD tomorrow!

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