Wednesday 120822

Two rounds for time:
50 Pull-ups
75 Sit-ups
50 Overhead squats, 75#/55#
75 Double unders

Post time to comments or BTWB.

Leslie, winding up for a toes to rings.

File Under “Unexpected Consequences” – Hanna Kubiak

As you know my CrossFit journey has been 18 months of two steps forward, one step back as CrossFit has mercilessly exposed imbalances in my biomechanics and forced me to focus on fixing those rather than aiming to complete workouts as Rx’d. Yes I am frustrated but in the grand scheme of things fixing those issues will be better for me in the long run, so I am keeping at it and working the small stuff daily. One day I will actually complete a WOD as Rx’d and trust me I am gonna make some noise when that day finally comes….but in the meantime I had a great, unexpected boost while on vacation.

Diving in Grand Cayman last month, we dropped down to about 110 feet on the coral wall and after hanging out there for a while looking for big toothy fish we ascended up to shallower water (45-60 feet) for the remainder of the dive. Max bottom time for the dive was 60 minutes, but usually on a deep dive like this most divers will suck a lot of their air at depth, and as a result usually it’s the air safety limits that end the dive as opposed to bottom time. Typically for me on a dive with this kind of depth profile this means that around the 50 minute mark I am hitting my air safety limits and I have to start my ascent to the safety stop.

Well, this time I had a brand new camera housing so I was happily snapping away, figuring out lighting, angles, and how best not to spook the fish so they stay in frame for their glamour shot. Knowing that air was going to limit my dive, I was keeping a careful eye on my pressure gauge to make sure that I was well within safety limits, and wasn’t really paying as much attention to my dive time. Having shot about 500 photos (not kidding!) I checked both my air gauge and my dive computer. To my utter amazement, my dive time was at 58 minutes but I had WELL OVER A THIRD of my tank left. Surprised, and somewhat suspicious of the accuracy of my pressure gauge, I ended the dive and started my ascent to the safety stop. Back on the boat, I checked the pressure again, and the Divemaster on the boat even got another set of gauges to check that mine was reading accurately. It was. I knew my starting pressure as I always memorize it just in case – it had been a decent fill, but nothing absurdly high.

I’ve been diving for over 20 years, am a diving professional, have hundreds of dives under my belt and plenty with this depth profile under similar conditions. I looked back through my logs, and I have never surfaced with that much air left in my tank after a deep dive with 58 mins total bottom time.The only variable that’s changed since I last went diving is I started CrossFitting. So the only thing I can attribute this to is the effect CrossFit has had on how efficiently I use oxygen. Pretty darn cool if you ask me. Now I have lots more time to take cool underwater photographs – the attached lionfish shot is my best to date – definitely an unexpected benefit of CrossFit!!! Thank you Verve!!


  1. Patrick M :

    What an awesome post!! Well done Hanna!!!!

  2. Fiorella :

    That is so awesome! What a beautiful shot too

  3. slaughter :

    Thanks for sharing that, I F-in love this post.

  4. CrossFit Verve :

    I suck! I didn’t pay attention to the rep scheme today 50/75/50/75 and shorted my reps! Oh well! Chalk that up to needing to pay better attention! -CC

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