Wednesday 121024

“Tommy V”
21 Thruster, 115#(75#)
Rope climb, 12 ascents
15 Thruster, 115#(75#)
Rope climb, 9 ascents
9 Thruster, 115#(75#)
Rope climb, 6 ascents

Post Time to BTWB.

Eric Wood full extension and head through, Boom!


Are you making sure to eat protein for breakfast everyday?  You should.  Recent studies show that eating a high protein breakfast is one of the smartest dietary decisions you can make.  Eating protein leads to decreased hunger, faster reaction times, and better cognitive thinking throughout the day.

The reason high-protein breakfasts are so effective is that they produce a gradual increase in blood sugar and insulin and the increase is sustained over a longer period of time instead of  a short burst from carbohydrate rich breakfast options such as cereal and bread.    The effect is a steady supply of glucose to the brain and muscles, which results in better brain function and athletic performance, which is what we’re all looking for.

A recent study compared the effect of a low-glycemic with a high-glycemic breakfast on brain function.  Results showed that the participants who ate the low-glycemic breakfast performed  better on cognitive function tests than those who ate the high-glycemic meal.  The participants also performed better over longer periods of time in cognitive thinking, meaning high protein breakfasts will help you sustain your energy and your brain power for longer periods of time.

So here’s the take away.  Eat protein every breakfast from a variety of animal sources.  The meal will be more satisfying and lead to less hunger throughout the day.

Speaking of healthy nutrition habits and better cognitive thinking, a reminder that Verve will be hosting Dr. Loren Cordain on Thursday Nov 1st at 6:30 PM.  Please sign up via MBO.  



  1. Andy E :

    Dumb question – is there a difference between a rope climb and an rope “ascent”. Matt and I were having an intense discussion this morning if there were a difference as we were packing the necessary shin protection.

  2. Cherie :

    Andy – Nope it’s just addressing how many times you go up. Protect AWAY!

  3. Andy E :

    So this is essentially Fran with an atitude…..check.

  4. Jim D. :

    Snce I was taking my daughter to soccer practice yesteday I decided I would walk my dog on the middle school track that was nearby. The walk turned into guilty feelins about not having run much in the last 2 moonths because of my shoulder surgery. So, I decided “Charlie” my dog could use a few 100m sprints. Well one turned into 2 and two turned into ten 100m sprints with 100m walks between them, My first 100m’s felt terrible. On my second 100m’s I decided to try to really focus on my pose running style, I imagined kneeing someonein front of me while I was running and focused on keeping my back straight and my core tight. All of a sudden on the 3rd 100m’s something clicked. I’ve been running for over 50 years and last night I finally learned how to sprint. My legs felt like powerful pistons driving me forward. As I leaned slightly forward I realized I was no longer moving my legs fast enough to keep up wth my body. Not only did I make it through all ten 100m’s, but Joylyn will be happy to know, I didn’t pull my hamstring like I have every time I’ve done this WOD in the last 7 years. What an amazing feeling. Sometimes I guess you need to take a break from something in order to allow your mind to transition to something different. Old habits are hard to break.

    • CrossFit Verve :

      Jim–YAY! So cool. “Knees forward” is a one great cue for pose running, so glad it clicked today! And, I’m more glad to hear that your hammies survived intact. Never too old to learn something new, eh?


  5. Matt :

    Great post Eric! Say it ain’t so… wheaties isn’t the breakfast of champions?!?

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