Wednesday 121107

Five rounds for time:

5 Split jerk 185# (125#)
15 Knees to elbows

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Charlie rockin’ the Men’s V-Drip.

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Taking care of YOU!

You know what time of year it is?  Yes the Holidays are right around the corner, but right now we are in flu season.  Each flu season is unpredictable in how severe it will be, but there are precautions we can take to make sure we are prepared.

Flu season runs from October to May with the peak season being from January to February.  The Center for Disease Control recommends that everyone ages 6 and above get a flu shot.  Flu shots take around 2 – 4 weeks to take effect.  The vaccine is 60% effective but if you do get the flu your symptoms are likely to be less severe according to a research team at Stanford Medial School due to the partial immunity you’ve built up.

Other ways we can prepare ourselves to be ready for flu season are to make sure we are eating healthy and getting enough sleep.  In a recent study at Carnegie Mellon University, people who got at least 8 hours of sleep were less likely to come get a cold than people who slept fewer than 7 hours.  We’ve all heard that rest is important when we’re sick, but it may actually help prevent us from getting sick so grab a few extra hours over the weekend!

So make sure you’re sleeping enough and eating your vegetables and a well balanced diet that’s not lacking in calories.  Our bodies need all the help we can give them this time of year.


  1. Michelle :

    The public health nurse in me needs to tell you that although flu shots may not always prevent the flu, they will decrease the severity of the infection which may mean the difference between a few days off work to some time in the hospital, especially among children, the elderly, and those with chronic medical conditions.
    Two other things to help you avoid the flu are: wash your hands and keep them away from your face. You cannot wash your hands enough. Drink lots of water…keeping your mucus memebranes well-hydrated can decrease the likelihood of colds or flu.

    • luke :

      Thank you Michelle. 🙂

    • Keith :

      Yes, Michelle, thanks.
      And to chime in from my infectious disease background I want to dispel the most common myth that keeps people from receiving the vax.
      The vaccine components are made from killed virus particles and you CAN”T get the flu by getting the shot. Your immune system reacts to the viral proteins and produces appropriate antibodies.

  2. Julia :

    Don’t forget the kids! Babies 6months and older should have a flu shot too!

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