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Mike, we’ve never seen you so happy.

How To Fight Ninjas ~ A CrossFit Verve Editorial

After defeating a horde of ninjas last weekend, it was decided to share with you, the public, some tips on how we manufacture such destruction on such a consistent basis.  Now, to be fair, taking on mobs of ninjas may result in some bumps and bruises. The satisfaction that comes from ridding the world of evil one ninja at a time is well worth it though.  So, pay close attention. Ninjas are growing in numbers, and they are a ruthless bunch.  Here are some tips to elevate your level of devastation to previously unseen levels.

1.) Remember CrossFit is constantly varied.  We learn many skills at Verve that translate to battling ninjas.  For instance, forward rolls, handstand walking, and hammer curls.  Yeah, hammer curls.  Because you never know.  Ninjas dig curl-offs.

2.) CrossFit has an abundance of core-to-extremity movements.  Think of the Bruce Lee power punch.  Starts with the hip (high force, low velocity), and ends with a vicious snap of the hand (low force, high veleocity). You develop those skills at Verve.  I don’t want to say we’re talking Chuck Norris levels here, but lets be real.  We want you to devastate.

3.) CrossFit builds strength through intensity and adaptation.  This is important.  Are you fighting eight sane ninjas, or 12 insane ninjas?  Do they have Chinese stars, or swords?  Does it matter?  Not really.  The bottom line is that if you can bring the same level of intensity to your weekly battles that you have at your daily WOD, your mind and body will adapt.  Maybe they do have nunchucks.  But then maybe you have a Flying Fist of Fury.  Maybe they do have some poison darts.  They’ll be less likely to use it after they see you snatch their friend over your head, and ball slam him to the ground.

4.) Eric Clancy is a ninja.  True story.  He’s infiltrated Verve to learn our secrets.  He’s simply biding his time until his instincts tell him to destroy.  So be ready.

I hope this helps.  Remember, we’re a community, and you’re not in this alone.  Come to class (even on lifting days) and ready yourself.

The fight lives on in all of y0u.


  1. James (O.G.) :

    What about minjas? How will training at Verve help me protect my family from midget ninjas?

  2. Matt D :

    Omg. Who wrote this one. Clancy ..Slaughter…Courtney on pain killers? Discuss

  3. How Fight Ninja’s… what??? His cat? His urge to eat chocolate cake?

    yuk yuk yuk. grammar strikes again.

  4. Clancy :

    I didn’t write it…I would never have given away my intentions…watch your back Luke

  5. rob bell :

    Hysterical! Kudos, Luke

    We better take the ropes down, that’s probably how they plan to get in – cut through the roof then climb down the newly replaced….hey, you’re right!! were those new ropes Clancy’s idea?!

  6. rob bell :

    PS I bet Tiff in Korea is really over there training at HQ, not teaching english as she claimed… I knew there was something up w/ that girl! 😉 all the best tiff

    ok time for bed before anything crazier comes out of my brain

  7. Dan A :

    Great post Luke! or Luke Imitator/Wannabe. You’ve convinced me . . . so why aren’t we doing “hand-to-hand combat” practice rather than 20min AMRAP Muscle Ups in No Band November?? My 20 min AMRAP will be the same as my 1 min AMRAP, the same as my 12hr AMRAP . . .

  8. Will someone please ask Matt and Cherie if we can get a bucket of ninja stars for the gym?. Just to practice throwing at each other and dodging them. I think it would make a good warm up.

  9. slaughter :

    “fades into the shadows with clancy”

  10. Emily A. :

    Great post…I had figured as much about Eric; but he is also a great trainer we may as well take advantage while we can! Carry on!

  11. Ryan F. :

    Eric as a ninja? Highly debatable, everyone knows ninjas aren’t based out of Boston…

  12. Emily A. :

    all the trainers are great trainers by the way………..

  13. Tran :

    I had no idea that Eric was a Ninja and I live by him. I need to challenge him now. 3-2-1-…Go

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