Wednesday 121128

For Time:

Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95#/65#)
Lateral jumps (24″/20″)

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Jenny, attacking her thrusters.


No Excuses, Play like a Champion ~ Chris Slaughter

Not always, but sometimes, and more often than not, not in our gym. What I’m talking about are excuses. These are not to be confused with “I injured my knee because I’m an idiot and was swinging on the pull-up bars like an idiot and banged my knee into steel” or some other injury which you need to let heal and shouldn’t be over-utilizing. Excuses are things which we know are excuses when we make them. For instance “I’m not feeling like it today”, “I’m feeling kind of tired”, “I’m not flexible and I don’t want to work on my hip flexor mobility”, “I suck at thrusters”.  Excuses are phrases we conjure up when our motivation is somewhat lacking.

Here are four things to assess for yourself:

1) Don’t procrastinate or hesitate: be actionable, not speculative. Either work on what you need to now or immediately make a plan to do it.

2) Know yourself: know when you’re going to be too tired to WOD or when you are pretty sure you won’t have time but are going to try to squeeze it in anyways, and focus on other things during those times.

3) Don’t be afraid to have a bad workout (this is often where the most growing occurs), or mix up the workout if something is tweaked (like a shoulder or wrist), or to simply come in to use mobility gear.

4) Remember that excuses are not reasons; they are justifications for an emotion which may or may not be valid.

We’re all f-ing champions; don’t let excuses get in the way of you and your title.



  1. Rob b :

    And remember, how we think we feel has a huge effect on how we feel. Champions control their mind, not the other way around.

    So, if you’re “tired” or just don’t feel like it…getting up off your butt ( or but) and showing up will fix it. If you need more throw on some tunes, talk a little trash to up the pressure challenge a friend, do whatever to change your mindset and I bet your body comes around!
    And yes, if you hear me pre-excusing before a workout, by all means call me on it!

  2. Jeff Dickinson :

    “Life breaks everyone, but some are strong in the broken places”.
    Ernest Hemingway

  3. Greg B :

    “When life hands you lemons say he’ll yeah! I love lemons what else ya got!” -Henry Rollins

  4. Leah’s face is my fave!

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