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Squat Clean

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The lost-and-found bin is releasing it’s captives into the world. Anything here you recognize?

One Workout Can Build A Village

CrossFit, for the past couple of years, has made a vested movement in improving the lives of inhabitants of the Rift Valley in Kenya. CrossFit is helping in addressing the hardships that these citizens deal with. Food and water security, basic hygiene, and trying to get their houses to endure the rainy season are just a few of the challenges faced.  The idea is to help one child at a time, to build one school at a time, one cistern at a time, ect… and you simply build on each level of progress. This year, CrossFit is holding a WOD, the proceeds of which will go to the Rift Valley.

CrossFit Verve will be holding this workout on Friday, February 15th, 2013. Though the workout will be held at no extra cost to our members, donations would most certainly be accepted. Visitors will also be accepted free of charge, with a donation being suggested. To avoid abnormally large class sizes, everyone, including visitors, are expected to sign up on MindBody. 

To see details on the activity going on for CrossFit For Hope: Hope For Kenya, you can check here. 




  1. Heather S :

    The Apopka lacrosse pants are mine!! I’ve been looking all over for them!!

  2. RYAN F. :

    if there are any black and white rogue straps in that mix, theyre mine!

  3. Ohhh my water bottles is there, I’ll pick it up tomorrow (silver, with Einstein’s quote)

  4. Andy :

    Did anyone happen to find a men’s ring – my wedding band fell out of my bag tonight.

  5. So how do you forget your pants? Ha!!!

  6. Matt :

    Yep my red water bottle was gonna grab it tonight

  7. slaughter :

    Those r my oly shoes! don’t toss em!

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