Wednesday 130313

Hang Squat Snatch
2-2-2-2-2, then, 
Two sets of 10 unbroken reps at 60% of your two-rep-max

Unbroken implies that you cannot put the bar on the ground until your set is complete.

Post results to comments and BTWB.

Susanna, trying to coax the medicine ball down from the wall.


Find Your Anchor Point ~ Luke Palmisano

I wanted to pass along another tip I learned from the Competitor’s Course we recently had at Verve a couple weekends ago. So often before a WOD begins, we’ve already beaten ourselves up mentally. For instance, read the WOD below, and examine your initial reaction:

“Linda” (aka 3 Bars of Death)

For time, 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Deadlift 1.5x Body Weight
Body weight bench press
.75x body weight squat clean

What do you think when you see that? For me, quite often my thought would be, “This is going to be awful. This is going to hurt soooo baaaad…”

And you know what?

I’m right. Every time.

So, at our course, we learned about establishing an “anchor point.” An anchor point is a mental flashback that you can go back to when everything is right with the world. I’ll open up a bit and give you mine. Some weeks ago, my wife was at work, and I was watching my son. I put him in his crib to put him to bed. He hates being put in that crib. He screams likes it’s the worst form of torture. Normally, though, he cries himself to sleep fairly quickly. This night though, that was not the case. He cried. And cried. And cried. Finally, I gave in. I walk into the bedroom, and there he is, standing up in his crib, screaming, crocodile tears running down his face. He sees me, and his face lights up. I pick him up and sit with him, in my arms, on my bed. He immediately stops crying and curls up on my chest, eyes now closed. All he wanted was me. I thought to myself, “roughly 12-13 years from now, this is not going to happen.” I sat there and held him close for a good while until he was asleep. All was right with the world.

What’s the point? During workouts, I’ve been going back to that moment, repeatedly. The result is that no matter how hard I have been breathing during a workout, I stay calm. You may even see me crack a bit of a smile. And now you know what I’m thinking about when I do.

So, give it a try. What’s your anchor point?

We’ve been seeing some bloody bars lately. Ew. If you bleed, ask your nearest coach for a disinfectant wipe and clean your bar up, please.

We’ve also been having some athletes show up extremely early for the Open Gym periods that happen after a class. If this is you, please respect the class that is being held, and be discreet. The ongoing class has priority, so please do your best not to interfere with the goings-on of that class. Thanks a bunch. 

The second annual CrossFit Roots Olympic Lifting Invitational is being held on April 6th. Wouldn’t you know, Verve has been invited. If you would like a fun, low-pressure lifting competition to test your mettle, this would be a perfect opportunity. Email if you would like to attend.


  1. James (O.G.) :

    OK, Luke, cute story, but you’re a total sucker. You gotta be tough as a parent. Don’t give in to their tears – it just encourages them. You have to keep ignoring them and ignoring them until they become cold, ruthless machines who obey your every order and go the fuck to sleep on time.

    Also, the word “implies” means a concept should be inferred from the statement, but does not mean a direct statement itself. The word “unbroken” implies nothing – it directly states that you cannot put the bar on the ground until your set is complete. /end Vocabulary WOD.

    • CrossFit Verve :

      1.) I am a sucker.
      2.) You should start a blog called People who don’t know the difference between push presses and push jerks, the meaning of AMRAP’s and EMOM, and what, in CrossFit, the term “heels” means, can come to you, and see what words imply, infer, defer, project, inject, direct, or would cause one to suspect. Seriously, as a lawyer… this could be big for you.

      • James (O.G.) :

        Who doesn’t like vocabulary nazis? Or grammar nazis. They’re popular, too.

        This is why no one played with me in grade school.

  2. slaughter :

    Great post Luke.

    I usually tell myself this is going to be fun and i’m going to enjoy this pain. Happens very easily when I’m competing not quite as easy to convince myself of that some days when I’m tired. Sleep = Good

  3. Rex :

    Last week the blog said something about an optional hour of mobility on Wednesdays instead of wod in preparation for the open workouts. Is that happening?

    • Danni :

      Hey Rex- Yes, we have the mobility option available every Wednesday for those wanting to prepare for the Open WODs.

  4. Leslie :


    Can you also do a friendly reminder that if you just have to change- to use the shower 1st? The bathroom line has been long recently and some of us have to go!!


  5. Jen M. :

    Luke – I’m gonna do this!!! Great post btw!!!!!

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