Wednesday 130417

Three-position squat clean ~ One rep max
The three positions are mid-thigh, above the knee, and mid-shin. Then…

Every minute on the minute for 7 minutes: Three hang squat cleans (from above the knee) @ 70% of your one-rep-max three-position clean. 

What Do You Need From Your Programming? ~ Luke Palmisano

If a person walked into the gym today, and asked if they could receive a fitness program that was all inclusive, that would help them get better at a bunch of stuff, including the mountain biking they love, and the soccer league they’re in, what would we tell them?

Do CrossFit.

If a person walked into the gym today, tells us that they haven’t worked out in 15 years, and they just want to be healthier, what would we tell them?

Do CrossFit.

For most people, and I stress most people (I include myself in this), just doing CrossFit is what we need. We’re not pro athletes. We can’t dunk a basketball. We just want to be fit. We want to feel strong. For us, CrossFit does that. It, standing alone, will help us reach our fitness goals. However, do some people need more than CrossFit, or rather, CrossFit programming that is tailored to their needs? Sometimes, yes. This usually has to do with competitive athletes in different fields who have specific weaknesses that must be addresses, or else they won’t be able to compete to their potential. This could be any kind of athlete. For our purposes, we will simply confine the discussion to CrossFit athletes.

What the programming would require is periodization of training. For instance, lets say we have an athlete who wants to qualify for Regionals. Said athlete has identified strength being his/her hindrance. Is simply doing CrossFit going to get the athlete where they want? Probably not. Reason being, you cannot develop maximum strength, anaerobic endurance, and aerobic endurance all at the same time. The greatest gains in any one direction can only be achieved if an athlete concentrates on one type of training for a reasonably long time (possibly 3-6 months). So, a possible example of some different periods, or cycles, an athlete would go through leading up to the Open might look something like this:

  1. Strength mesocycle (focusing on power lifting an olympic lifting skills)
  2. Strength + Metabolic Conditioning mesocycle (MetCons of shorter length, but using heavy weights)
  3. Open Prep mesocycle (Keep strength gains made through the year level, but alter the MetCons to what the athlete may face in the Open). 
We see that this athlete will be giving up some gains in their cardio-respiratory endurance at first. Why? Because any focus on cardio-respiratory endurance would take away from their potential strength gains. Then, once strength gains are attained, cardio-respiratory endurance is built back up, and those strength gains are now maintained. Hopefully, this athlete will now go into the CrossFit Open feeling that, if they make it to Regionals, they will have the strength to compete. This is one example. If an athlete has different needs, the focus of the periodization will change to meet the challenge of their weaknesses. 

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