Wednesday 130626

For time:
Run 800 meters
30 Clean and Jerks (135#/95#)
Run 800 meters

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Everyone loves medicine balls, right? RIght??

Change It Up! ~ Luke Palmisano

If your plan is to kill all evil ninjas then you must consider the consequences of training against the same level of ninja, day in, day out. Sure, you may dominate intermediate level ninjas, but if you never practice against the elite, how would you know if you would survive such an ordeal? See, you don't. You don't know. So, you must be willing to push yourself outside of your comfort zone to reach new heights. Once, while in Mongolia (harvesting the rare Mongolian Edelweiss flower), I encountered a ninja apprentice. After disposing of said apprentice, the master sought revenge. Needless to say, it was a different experience.

One way to consider heightening your strengths and discovering new potential is to apply the concept of overload to your training. This simply adds stimulus to the body, which forces it to adapt. Example: You normally work out with 65 pounds. Today, you try 75 or 85. You may have to lower the rep scheme, but you force the body to adapt. Another example: You are accustomed to doing sets of five sets of five back squats. Changing the scheme may mean trying more sets, or adding volume. Or, lower the weight and add volume. Point is, if you use the same training load or practices over an extended length of time, their will be no adaptation from the body. This could actually lead to a phenomena called detraining, where you begin to experience declines. So, look at your workouts. If you always use the same pull-up scales, muscle scales, back squat/front squat/clean and jerk/snatch weight, ect, start changing it up. Then adapt you performance to find the stimulus you are looking for. Meaning, if you decide to go with lighter weights, the intensity of your workout should increase. If your scale changes on your pull-ups or muscle-ups, you may actually want to decrease intensity to master the intent of your new scale. Either way, you force the body to adapt, and positive changes will occur. 

As stated above, when the master class ninja approached, the level of competition changed dramatically. But, fortunately, I had conveniently gotten done with an overload phase of my training whereby I had trained against master class ninjas. I disposed of him, suffering a mere flesh wound on my big toe, suffered while delivering a roundhouse kick. Moral? You need to change it up in your workouts to achieve adaptation and dominance. 


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