Wednesday 131113

2:00 Double-unders for reps
2:00 Handstand walk for meters
1:30 Double-unders for reps
1:30 Handstand walk for meters
1:00 Double-unders for reps
1:00 Handstand walk for meters
:30 Double-unders for reps
:30 Handstand walk for meters

Post your score for each round. 

Man vs. bar.


Hello Rowers,

Here we are: 7 weeks and a whole lot of strokes later ready to test again. I’m really blown away by the changes you all have made over these last weeks and cannot wait to see you test this coming week.

Test Dates/Times: Thursday, 5:30AM & 6:30PM and Friday, 12:30PM. If none of these times work for you, let me know and we will figure out a time that works. 

Here is my advice for this coming week: don’t fear this test, anticipate it. 

One of the things I have struggled with the most as an athlete is fear. I used to dread race-day because from the minute I woke up in the morning till about half way through the race I would be terrified. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to cut it. I was afraid that I would give in to whatever doubts plagued my consciousness, and that in doing so I would let down both myself and my boat. What never seemed to click through all those years of racing was that that never happened. When out on the water I always raced fully, completely, and with every ounce of myself. Those doubts always came up, but they never succeeded in breaking me. The stakes were too high and the reasons to forge on too important to let those doubts win. 

It hasn’t been until this athletic lifetime that I realized being fearful was no way to live in this arena, but more importantly no way to live in any arena. If I’m fearful in the doors of that gym, then I will be fearful outside of them. Discomfort, struggle, hardship – all of those things will be there no matter what – that stimulus won’t change. But I can change my interpretation, my reaction to that stimulus. Instead of letting it press down upon me, screw that, I can press against it. 

That is how I want you to approach this test. Yes: it will be hard. Yes: at some point, or multiple points, you are going to question yourself. Don’t dread those moments. Anticipate them. Because when that clock ticks over to 0:00 you will be a stronger, a braver person on the other side. Use this test as proof of you strength, not as a question of it. 

Homework: Find a power/pump up song. Yep. Totally serious. Requirement: it should fill your soul while simultaneously making you feel like a bad ass. Listen to this song repeatedly over the next few days and visualize yourself kicking some serious butt on this test. 

If you need some inspiration, here are some of mine over the years:

  • Faith, George Micheal (high school pre-race song)
  • Lose Yourself, Eminem (college pre-race song)
  • I Will Wait, Mumford & Sons | Pompeii, Bastille | Power, Kanye | Wake Me Up, Avicii (current life power songs.) 

Can’t wait to see you all test. 




  1. Ross :
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    Ross – Most awesome thing I’ve seen in a while

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