Wednesday 131120

Bent-over barbell row

Then, Tabata Mash-Up (using 50-60% of 5RM) of:
Bent Over Row
Good Mornings
Push Press

Post loads and lowest scored reps to comments and BTWB.  

Adam 475x316 Wednesday 131120

Adam, focusing during Barbell Club.


More Verve Barbell Club Questions

Overall, there has been fantastic response to VBBC. Great attendance, great enthusiasm, and people are moving. Hundreds of reps overall per hour are being performed. That’s the foundation of strength being laid right there. These high-rep weeks during the first phase contribute to a muscular phenomenon called hypertrophy, which is basically the increase in overall volume of muscle cells. We’re making you swole. The weeks after that will fill in that size with brute strength. I think it’s going to be exciting to see. I’m still receiving quite a few questions, so I figured I would put some of them out there in case you were thinking it, but hadn’t asked it.

Should I be doing two workouts a day, including VBBC?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is maybe. Listen, you need to know your body. If you lift with Verve Barbell Club and then do a WOD on top of that, you should be careful. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, but you should be careful. For signs that you’re over- training, you can check here.  I will say that the people that have finished VBBC and then gone on to the main WOD’s have looked a bit fatigued. And if you’re not fatigued after VBBC then you’re doing something wrong. So first off: remember that lifting WOD’s are now off limits for you if you have committed to VBBC. And second: If you take a class after VBBC, just know that you shouldn’t be at peak performance levels. You should be fatigued. Listen to your body. If you over-train, all good things reaped from your hard work will be lost. 

What do the 10’s and 5’s mean?

The 10’s represent a set of 10. The five’s represent of set of five. 

Am I supposed to be staying at the same weight for each exercise, or am I trying to get heavier, adding weight as I go?

You are absolutely trying to get heavier. Especially on heavy days. On heavy days, you actually want to aggressively get after it, as it were, in adding weight. If you get to failure, you may perform what we call “drop-sets.” Simply speaking, you drop some weight and try again. How much?  Try 5%, and then drop 10% and try again.

Are the sets of 5’s hang clean and hang snatches supposed to be done without dropping the bar?

Yes. Though we’re not going to split hairs if you drop the bar. Just pick it up quickly and finish. 

What does EMO2M minute mean?

It means you should try to perform a lift, or a set of lifts, every two minutes. This is really just for the sake of our classes. We have a lot of material to cover, with strong attendance thus far. We need to keep you moving, so structure is important. If you are doing the programming on your own during Open Gym, must you do the same thing? No. But intensity is a good thing to add to your lifting, so it probably wouldn’t hurt. 

Should I be keeping track of my numbers?

Without a doubt, yes. Tuesdays and Wednesday are what we call dynamic effort, or speed days. Meaning, load is not the priority; moving weight as aggressively and as fast as possible is. Much of the movements are based on percentages of loads acquired during heavy days, on Monday and Friday. So tracking the numbers you lift will help you figure out how much poundage to use on the speed days. 

What’s the deal with “1/2 squats?” 

I know, you probably never thought we would ask you to squat above parallel. We’re basically just asking you to work on the “sticking point” of your squat. So, the easy answer is: just above parallel. It may take some time to figure out where that is for yourself. Have a buddy watch you to see for sure. 

Hope this helps, and keep the questions coming!

Are there movements within Crossfit that you want to be able to do? Ie. muscle ups, HSPU, Chest to bar pull-ups,  

What about a broad strength gain? 

If so, then please come to the goals/accessory workshops being offered this Friday the 22nd at 2:00 P.M. During which you will learn why they are beneficial and what accessory movements to do to help you with your goals. 


  1. Cherie :

    Getting’ swole has been fun. As Anna says “There’s a reason it’s called a club”!

  2. Luke :

    Is a lifting WOD anything other than using bodyweight or is it like the first part of today’s? Thanks!

  3. Cherie :

    “Lifting” means a heavy day. anything for 5 reps or less.


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