Toal's Birthday WOD

For time:

150 Burpees

Post time to comments.


Tim and the 4:30 crew gettin' 100 OHS done.

Are you getting into the gym as much as you'd like to?  We recommend a minimum of three days a week to stay proficient at the movements and continue to create positive change in your fitness.  Have you considered doing the WOD's with another Verve athlete that works out at a similar time.  If you make a commitment to them, it is likely that you will get in more.  Make some attainable workout goals and let your trainers know what they are.  We will be converting the bulletin board into a goals board for the beginning of next week, so think long and hard.

We aim to build a broad general and inclusive fitness.  Be ready for anything and feel great doing it!!

Today's cookie:

For max load:
Deadlift 8-8-8 reps


  1. Tiff :

    holy crap sean. lol. my nemesis…. looking forward to it

  2. James :

    If anyone is not going to the Regional Games, but wants to get out on Saturday anyway and support a good cause, I’m running the Sean May Memorial 5K at Barr Lake. The run supports the family of my friend Sean who was murdered last year. It should be good weather and a good run. Hope to see you there.
    And Sean, you’re a glutton for punishment. Happy birthday.

  3. tony :

    14:40 from Denver Fire Station #8…that was a great workout…Happy BDay!

  4. Lisa Ward :

    Glad to see people are excited about rafting! FYI for those who have never rafted:
    The Ark will be running high and fast in June. Class system in Co. is on a scale of 1-5. The class is not necessarily based on the water level but more so on the difficulty of the swim should you fall out of the raft and the natural elements the guide must maneuver the raft around. (Of course, you will have a very large life jacket on with a helmet.)
    Class I: Booze cruz with a beer (flat water)
    Class II: You are in the bath kicking your feet
    Class III: You are in the washing machine on the gentle cycle
    Class IV: You are in the washing machine on regular cycle with some rocks thrown in
    Class V: You are in the washing machine on the heavy cycle with rocks thrown in and the lid duct taped shut. (FUN!)

  5. Mas :

    Happy birthday Toal!! @ CRFD station 1, 13:19 WOD

  6. Matt :

    The most I’ve ever rafted id Class -I with Matt on our honeymoon with a case of beer. Even -I was a ton of fun.
    Who else is getting excited about this weekend. There will be a ton of great athletes there and a ton of Verve peeps there as well. We need to carpool if possible. Post if your coming and want to carpool. Also post if you want to carpool but don’t plan to stay the whole time, I’m sure there are other out there too.
    Cheers and Gluten free beers
    Thanks Anna and Alan for coaching the coach today, it was a big help to run through.

  7. cherie :

    Last comment from CC not MC

  8. Zac Pine :

    Happy Birthday SEAN TOAL!!!

  9. Tim M :

    Happy Birthday Toal!!
    Alan I in on going to the Games.
    Some paleo diet videos came across.
    Don’t agree with all of the video but it is information.
    and for a laugh about food watch Jim Gaffigan in the following video.

  10. Tim M :

    Oh yeah the ling talks about food

  11. Tim M :

    Ok have to add one more that really makes the Paleo understandable.

  12. Tiff :

    happy bday both gerson and sean…good wod pics…
    i’m down to carpool this saturday

  13. Sean Toal :

    Thank You all – Had a nice day and feel old. Tony & Mas Great Job you both pushed me today. 14:29 See you all this weekend

  14. Johnny and Jared :

    Johnny and Jared here from Columbia, MO. Those burpies killed us newbies, but we hung in there for an embarassing 36 minutes since it was your birthday wish! Happy birthday, and thanks for the self-induced upchuck!

  15. Emmalee :

    I’m interested in car pooling

  16. Emmalee :

    and happy birthday!!!

  17. Luke :

    Would definitely like to carpool. Promise I won’t be late this time! 🙂 Toal, good job on the burpees. Me? My back is still tight from trying the deadlift WOD for regionals. Should be good for Saturday. Hope to see everyone soon.

  18. Joylyn :

    Happy Birthday Toal!!!!

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