Wednesday 140108

CrossFit Open 12.2
Proceed through the sequence below completing as many reps as possible in 10 minutes:
30 Snatch, 75# (45#)
30 Snatch, 135# (75#)
30 Snatch, 165# (100#)
30 Snatch, 210# (120#) as many reps as possible 

Post reps to comments and BTWB.


Greg, going for the rx+ on Monday.


Helpful Tips For the Snatch ~ Luke Palmisano 

The snatch is a movement that confounds and frustrates many. It feels weird, looks weird… So what can help?

Remember what the Snatch is: the world’s fastest lift. The bar goes from under the shoulders to over the shoulders in one movement. There’s a lot going on. Like, 400 joints moving at once. Well, not really (but seriously). But you get the idea. So, a few general things to remember, because everyone’s lift may vary a bit.

One: your core is tight when you set-up. Wrenched into torsion. Shoulders squeezed. Abs squeezed. Back is straight. TIGHT.

Two: your eyes and chest are facing forward. Your chest should not face down. Which means your hips will probably be just above parallel, or at parallel. Again, it depends on the dimensions of your body. When you perform the lift, your eyes and chest continue to face directly forward. If your chest drops, the bar tends to get driven forward.

Three: think of your journey under the bar as a pull-punch combo. Without getting too into the weeds with what happens, just know that you pull yourself under the bar, and then punch the bar up whencely you are underneath. Pull-punch. It happens fast. In fact, the more aggressively and authoritatively you can perform that sequence of the movement, the better. The pull gets you under the bar faster, the punch activates your shoulders in the overhead position better. Got it?

Four: You don’t have to bottom out in your squat. Would I like you to be able to? Yup. But if you can’t, you’re not doing yourself any favors by trying to. Just get to the lowest point of the overhead squat position that you can while maintaining good form. If you don’t know what good overhead squat form is, simply reference any CrossFit Verve blog post regarding the overhead squat, ever. Or, I think CrossFit HQ may actually offer some free info regarding this. Point is, simply get as low as you need to. But not too low. Once you lose good position, squat depth doesn’t matter, because now you are in a weaker position.

Five: When you get tired, #3 becomes pretty important. Review. Repeat. When you’re tired, the efficient way to be is to use gravity to your advantage. 

Hope this helps. Workout’s like 12.2 of the CrossFit Open are good, because repetition is your friend. And so am I. 


  1. Ryan Fugate :

    Hey Verve Fam,

    I have been looking to get a c2 rower for some time, but can’t really afford a brand new one. I was wondering if anyone at Verve may know of some place to get a good used one, or anyone who may be selling an old one. If so you can call/text me at 909.693.0111. Thanks so much!

  2. Luke :

    Greg, that is … Bomb.

  3. anna :

    SO MANY BIG PR’S TODAY!! so fun to watch ppl lift weights they couldnt last time!!

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