Wednesday 140226

In front of a clock:

2 minutes of clean and jerks, 135# (95#)
Rest 1 minute
2 minutes of rowing
Rest 1 minute
2 minutes of burpees

Rest 3 minutes then repeat cycle.

Post sum of clean and jerk reps, rowing calories and burpee reps to comments and BTW.

What can you accomplish this year? Let’s put your fitness to work.

“The Open is not about winning; it’s about playing. About going hard to the paint and getting better. Like in traditional sports, the thrill is not in making it to the pros—too few do so. The thrill is in the ‘What if?’ It’s in the playing itself.”    —Kevin Daigle, CrossFit HQ

The 2014 CrossFit Open is almost here!  Are you as excited as we are?  I hope so.  If you have not signed up for the Open, why not?  What do you have to lose?  No one is going to judge you…Well, except for the judges of course.  Don’t you want to see how your fitness compares with others your age, height, and weight and CrossFit experience?  We all care about measurable data, i.e. “does this hard work pay off?”  Think of the Open as a “benchmark” set of workouts to really see how well you are progressing.  Do not do the Open for anyone else but you.  Be your own advocate, and your biggest cheerleader.  Make your goal to do all five weeks of workouts to the best of your abilities.  Signing up is the first step toward honoring the hard work you put out inside our walls everyday.  Don’t wait until next year, because I promise you will be surprised at what you can do THIS year.  Don’t take that away from yourself and your coaches who love and put our hearts, voices, and color commentary into you everyday at Verve.  We know that each of you is capable of being a part of the Open, and we want you to celebrate your accomplishments this year.  

Seriously it costs $20 to be part of a worldwide event, so get signed up here.  Join the CrossFit Verve TEAM, build a nifty profile if you want, sign up for the Judges Course (please do as any additional help is much appreciated), and build a custom leaderboard with your favorite class buddies.   

New this year for the Open, we are adding a 7pm WOD.  All Friday WODs will be the Open WOD for the week and will be ran in a format to allow everyone to be judged.  So you might as well sign up as you’ll be doing the WODs anyhow.  The energy in the classes during the CrossFit Open is palpable!  Additional weekend time slots will be on MBO and we’ll be available for judging during Open Gym times, just let us know ahead of time please.  For you non-Verve athletes, you are more than welcome to join us too.  We are offering the Open 5 pack.  The Open 5 pack gets you five classes to do the Open WOD’s.  You will get your WOD judged and validated so you can submit your score.  

We will also be hosting a “Community Day” on March 29th.  This will be a free WOD for all CrossFit athletes that would like to join us.  You can get your WOD on, or just celebrate the ending of the Open with some bad ass people.

If you are on our team and signed up, remember to be smart about your recovery.  No multiple workouts each day, pay attention to get extra sleep, mobility, and cool-downs after each workout.  Hydrate, fish oil, take care of your body.  Tuesday WODs will be an additional CrossFit Verve Team Qualifier WOD, so be on the lookout for more info beginning next week.  

During the Open remember that we’ll have some schedule changes, so be sure to check out MBO for added or changed class times.  For the month of the Open, Thursday’s Rowing class will have a special two option format: sprint or active recovery. If you are looking to have a light-day before your Open WOD on Friday – bam: come to rowing. We will get your heart rate up a few times, but mostly stay long and low (long on the strokes | low on the rating…) This will also be a great opportunity to work on your technique. There will also be a sprint workout option if you want to have your butt kicked.


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