Wednesday 140423

5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 rep rounds for time of:
Muscle ups
Squat cleans, 225#(135#)
Post times to comments and BTWB

Verve’s Barbell Club working on their supine ring rows.


Speaking of Verve’s Barbell Club. . . . 
If you have been around a bit and participated in Verve’s Barbell Club then you have seen it take many shapes. As Verve grows and as we grow as trainers we constantly strive to bring new programs to the schedule. Your goals are our goals. We have heard several goals and desires to be more proficient and comfortable with the Olympic lifts. The Olympic lifts are the two most technically demanding lifts, they take time and practice to build proficiency. So starting next week we will be taking the next 14 weeks in Verve’s Barbell Club to do just that. We will be doing a 14 week Olympic lifting cycle. The programming will go back to the basics and build up. We can not execute good movement without good position. We need to go back to the beginning to build that good position. The first several weeks may seem, how do I put this . . . not as sexy as the Barbell Club work we have come to know and love. But the unsexy work is necessary work. If we want that super sexy snatch (insert all crude jokes here), we have to put in the leg work up front. The schedule will change, this is a 3 day/ week program. It will be on the schedule Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the current times Barbell Club is offered. This program will be leading up to an in-house Olympic lifting meet that will be held Saturday August 2nd. This will be the opportunity to experience what an Olympic lifting meet is like (no singlets will be required) and show case your 13 weeks of hard work.
Let me address now some of the main questions and concerns you may have about this new program:
1) If I am already pretty good at my Olympic lifts can I start in on this program after the first few “basic weeks”?
NO. Some days I’ll be sitting in the office and one of the Chans will pop their head in and ask if I want to work out. I usually respond with “what are you doing?” I’m going to give you the same response that the Chans give me. . . You are either in or you are out, that’s it. 
2) Well what if I find myself bored with this “unsexy yet totally necessary” basic work? Can I just pop in and out of the classes and not really worry about following the whole program?
NO. You are either in or you are out, that’s it. We understand life gets in the way of attending classes and that some may in fact be missed. However cherry picking is not a life happens kind of excuse. None of us are beyond going back to the basics. 
3) What about the current Barbell Club programming?
The current Barbell Club programming will be continued on the Hotdogs & Cupcakes website. If you are a fan you can continue to follow the program during open gym hours. We will continue to be happy to answer any questions regarding the program.
4) What are you going to be doing on Tuesdays during that Barbell Club hour?
I’m sure we can think of something (said with hands in front of face and tapping fingers together in a mischievous sort of way). Stay tuned, we have lots of ideas for additional specialty classes that may fill that spot. 
5) Do I still need to show up early and get warmed up on my own before the start of class?
Yes. Give yourself about 10 minutes to get your heart rate up, warm up the joints, and increase your body temp so that we can begin working when class starts.
6) Is there a time requirement for me to have been working out at Verve before I can start this program?
No. This program is starting at the beginning. If you are newer to Verve, newer to CrossFit, newer to the Olympic lifts this program is the one for you.
7) Soooooooo, can I do the daily WOD and then do Barbell Club or vice versa?
If you want to do two WODs in 1 day please do Barbell Club first. Barbell Club is going to be neurologically taxing. We want to build coordination and good movement patterns. This is hard to do if you wreck yourself in a WOD and then walk over to Barbell Club. You will not get the same benefit as the person who does the same work in a fresh state. There is also the idea of doing the WOD in the morning and then later returning in the evening for Barbell Club. Having that rest time will help. Again this is more ideal then WODing and then trying to do the technical work needed in Barbell Club. If the idea of two a days is new to you and you aren’t sure if you should be working out twice a day please discuss it with a trainer, we can help answer your questions about it.
8) What’s the deal with the Olympic meet?
We will have one. It is open to Verve athletes. You do not have to have participated in the Barbell Club program to participate in the meet. The meet is simply a goal for those in the program to look forward to and see all their progress. More details will follow.
If you have any additional questions please put them in the comments section as I’m sure some of you may have the same ones. Get excited guys and gals, it’s snatch and clean & jerk time!!!


  1. Rex :

    Is the morning section for BBC going to come back?

  2. Jason A :

    So excited!

  3. Ryan Fugate :

    5:30 bbc ??

  4. Ryan Fugate :

    530Am bbc*?

  5. Molly :

    Would love the am session of bbc too!

  6. Susanna VF :

    On days that we can’t make the classes, can we do the programming during open gym time?

  7. CrossFit Verve :

    Regarding the 5:30am BBC, we will look at the schedule and let you know if that will be possible. Stay tuned.

    • CrossFit Verve :

      Hi all, Thanks for the feedback regarding the 5:30am Barbell Club. We will certainly include it, but it needs to maintain a 5 person attendance to keep it on the schedule. Good to hear you are all excited!

  8. Ryan Fugate :

    I hope 5:30 am bbc happens I’ll for sure be there!

  9. Jim D :

    Any chance of a 10 am for those of us with weird schedules?

    • Joylyn :

      Jim, we will still include 10am on Fridays if attendance is consistent and consider adding days as we see the class progess.

  10. Eric Geist :

    Where will you post the programming for the open gym attendees?

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