Wednesday 140528

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Handstand push-ups
Ring dips

Compare to 1/25/13

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Ted locking out that OHS. A feet that was 16 months in the making. Congrats Ted!!

Ted locking out that OHS. A PR that was 16 months in the making. Congrats Ted!!

Have you met my friend Ted?

Coach Glassman is notorious for saying that the final adaptation in CrossFit happens between the ears. He is of course referring to our mental adaption. A big part of that mental adaptation deals with our own egos. Raise your hand if your ego has been the driving force behind the decision on how you will approach a daily WOD? We all should have a hand up in the air. We are all guilty of making decisions like “I know my shoulder doesn’t feel good today but I really want that RX on the board in this pull-up WOD”, or “I know my form is breaking down at this heavier weight but I feel like I should be able to lift as much as the person next to me, so I will not drop weight to have better technique”. Learning to push that overwhelmingly loud ego aside takes training as much as learning how to perform a snatch, if not more so. Sometimes we have to be able to take one step back because we know it will bring us two steps forward. Enter my main man Ted Buras.

Ted is someone who checked his ego at the door the day he started at Verve in February of 2013. I know this because I met him on that first day. Ted came in for the free Saturday intro class, he was the only one. Ted and I had a nice little personal training session. Ted had an appearance of someone who worked out already, took good care of himself, and valued physical health. But it was clear to me from the beginning that Ted had a few limitations with his physical movements. Ted had, at best, minimal shoulder flexibility. Ted could not get his hands over his head with straight arms, which meant Ted could not OHS even PVC with locked out arms. Ted also had some trouble with his squat, he was not able to drive his knees out, reach full depth, or keep his torso upright. Ted pre warned me he had issues with tight hips and I.T. bands. What Ted also had, amongst so many other great qualities, was a phenomenal attitude about all of it. From day 1 I told Ted that we would be doing many different scales and modifications to help build strength in these positions. I told him he would improve but that it would not happen over night, and that it would take some work on his part. Ted literally said to me “I really have no ego about this. I’m ready to try.”

And try he did. Ted regularly came to classes, Ted began adding mobility, and Ted absolutely did not shy away from his weaknesses, in fact Ted dove head first into them. Every single OHS WOD that popped up Ted came to, knowing full well he would probably only be overhead squatting PVC for the workout. Over the months we came up with many modifications and variations so as to change it up as much as possible. Ted did squat therapy against a wall, Ted squatted to a box, he squatted with PVC rigged to bands and the pull-up structure. You name it Ted did it, and he sweat his butt off every time. He also always put his times, weights, and rounds up on the board. I want everyone to try to understand the amazing mental fortitude it takes to be this determined to improve AND be this patient while doing it.

Ted was hit with a bit of a set back in January of this year when he had shoulder surgery. We talked before hand and created a game plan upon his return to Verve. When Ted returned he followed the orders of his PT, he listened to the trainers as they modified WODs, and he diligently did all his rehab exercises. Since then I have watched Ted grab bands, PVC, and various other goodies, find a corner of the gym during Open Gym and crank out his continued physical therapy exercises. When Ted was cleared from PT he didn’t stop, I doubt Ted ever will. He mobilizes, warms up, stretches, cools down. Ted listens to his body, he self scales WODs based on how he feels at that time. Ted pushes himself to an appropriate level for himself. The question now is what does Ted have to show for all this work, for all this diligence, determination, and patience?

Ted has something he has literally NEVER had before. 16 months into starting CrossFit Ted has a 65 pound OHS. . . for 3 reps. Ted has an overhead position that exists with locked out arms, external rotation, and a below parallel squat with knees that track over his feet. Is it a perfect OHS? No. It is progress. Ted has added functional movements into his life, which equals an improved quality of life. Ted has more success stories to come. Ted has made an adaptation in CrossFit that gives him the strength and ability to do something a lot of us still struggle with. Ted can look at the big picture, the one that exists much farther down the road, and modify accordingly. His diligence and willingness to work on his weaknesses will not stop with his overhead position and his squats. He has seen the outcome of his hard work which will only drive him to work harder.

Congratulations Ted on your hard earned and very well deserved PR. I am both proud and inspired. 


  1. Steph Missey :

    YAY TEDDY!!! I could not be more proud of you! I have personally seen your humility and it is inspiring on every level! Every time I am standing in the gym and see you walk in my day is better! I am so glad that you are part of the Verve family now and one of my fav buddies (sorry IBJF, but he is ours now!)

  2. Kacey :

    Ted and Courtney I love you both…I am inspired and so grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful friends and coaches. Keep it going Teddy, can’t wait to see where we are one year from now!!!

  3. Andy :

    YEAH Teddy – it’s been awesome to watch you progress to this point – keep it going buddy!!!

  4. Rob b :

    Wow! I’ve been impressed for a long time seeing the amount of mobility Ted does during open gym. But the rest of the story is more amazing. What a great example we can all learn from. Courtney – thanks for aharing. And ted, thanks for the example and letting her share. Congrats and keep it up!

  5. Ali :

    Ted – Thank you for setting a great example of consistency and patience! Your hard word has truly paid off and it will only continue to get better. Solid work!!!

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