Wednesday 140903

Front Squat 1-10-1-20-1-30 reps

Post weights to BTWB.

A little Pre on the water instruction for Verve members.

A little Pre on the water instruction for Verve members.

Where to next for rowing & running? As many of you know who’ve come to running & rowing the last 2 months (and if not, Tuesdays and Thursdays are where it’s at!) you’ve heard about combining the programs so that they compliment each other. Last cycle, running focused on short intervals, culminating in a mile test, while rowing worked on a 40 min progression and ultimately 40 min test. This cycle, we are switching roles: running is moving towards longer distance and rowing towards short intervals.

What’s up next…?

Rowing: Don’t worry, no more 40 minute progressions – but congrats to the 14 people who completed the 40 min test and even more who did the progression! Our next cycle is going to focus on max power and recovery. We are going to do the same workout every week for 6 weeks with a 2 x 500m test on either end. Each week we will do 8x1min on and as much rest as it takes you to slow your heart rate back down to about 60-65% your VO2max.

However, recovery isn’t purely a physical response, but also a mental skill. Throughout these 6 weeks we are going to dive into different techniques and components of regaining one’s cool in the face of discomfort & hard work. Each week will involve something new to add onto the physical component. The idea being that we will be attacking recovery from two directions: physicality & mentality = you being a super fit bad ass.

First test is this Thursday, Sept. 4th. As always, you can jump in to any class at any point during the progression, but you’ll gain the most from coming every week.


  1. Mike C :

    What’s the running class going to do?

  2. NateRader :

    We’re gonna do what we had been doing in terms of complimenting rowing. They did long, so we did short and explosive. Now we’ll gear more towards longer intervals and spending more time in that oxidative pathway. Think 600m-1000m intervals.

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