Wednesday 141001

For time:

Run 800m
30 Pull ups
20 Box jumps 24″ (20″)
Run 400m
20 Chest-to-bar pull ups
20 Box jumps 24″ (20″)
Run 200m
10 Muscle ups
20 Box jumps 24″ (20″)

Post time to comments and BTW.

Welcome baby Annika Karen born September 16th 8lbs. 10oz.

Welcome baby Annika Karen born September 16th 8lbs. 10oz.

Happy October!  I just love fall, it’s a great time of year: cooler weather is in the air, the mountains show off their color and our local competitions are in full swing.  You don’t have to compete to know that CrossFit is special.  Sure we encourage our athletes to do the Open each year to test their fitness and enjoy the camaraderie, but the fact is that the majority of us do CrossFit to stay fit and healthy and enjoy daily life.  But if you are looking to do a local competition there are plenty around, nearly every weekend you have a choice.  We host some In House competitions at Verve each quarter as well as have a contingent of athletes new and old that enjoy throwing down around town.  Some upcoming competitions Verve athletes are doing include:

CrossFit Roots Harvest Hoedown on Saturday, October 11

Run the ‘Rocks 5K on Sunday, October 12 to benefit the American Lung Association (see Anna or Nate for discount code)

Red Rocks Throwdown on Sunday, October 19

MBS Turkey Challenge on Saturday/Sunday, November 22-23

  • Team registration will open Monday, October 6th at 9:00 AM. This applies to ALL Pro and Open teams.
  • Individual registration will open on Tuesday, October 7th at 9:00 AM. This includes ALL Pro, Open, and Masters (40+) athletes.  Next Monday and Tuesday, the registration links will be posted on the Registration page, then shared on the Turkey Challenge Facebook page. This event has sold out very quickly every year, so please be by a computer at 9:00 AM.

Winter WODfest on Saturday/Sunday, January 31-February 1.  This involves getting your swimming on, so join us to practice at our Swim WODs.

Whatabout you, what are you doing to test or enjoy your fitness this fall?  Hiking a fourteener or running a marathon?  Are you looking to join a team or put one together?  Gonna go it alone and put yourself out there but wanna enjoy some Verve crew fun?  Post to comments if you are interested in signing up for any of the above competitions (or already signed up) or let us know if you are doing another race or competition for fun!  Yes, carrying a 3 year old toddler around a day hike is considered in my book too.

Looking to dial in some weaknesses or improve some areas specific to CrossFit outside of our general classes, ready to apply some discipline and commitment?  Email to get more information regarding our Competition Crew classes/programming.  Next mesocycle begins Monday, October 6th and includes 3 days of programming, 2 days of coached classes, extra Open Gym time, and homework programming.


  1. Edie :

    I’m competing this Saturday at the Monster Mash at Mile High Crossfit with my sister. It’s a m/f competition but we compete as the gender benders and we switch off doing the men’s weight. If you want to see some awesome costumes (including our tutu + moustache combo) come on down!

  2. Robyn :

    Congrats Katie and family, welcome Annika…such a cute photo!

  3. Sara Lew :

    Yay! Congrats, Katie!

  4. Pottsie :

    Fellow members: A sparkly butterfly hair clip was left in the bathroom closest to the wall balls yesterday/last night. After I had it, I placed it back in the SAME spot in which I found it. I am not the owner, but I know who the owner is (now after my silliness was done.)

    If you have it, please return it and let either me (Cat) or Fernanda know. It belongs to her and it was a gift from her mother.

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