Wednesday 141005

Skills Day

5 Minutes to establish max height Box jump
3 Minutes max Rope climbs
3 Minutes max distance Handstand walk
2 Minutes max Pistols (alternating)
2 Minutes max reps Bench press 135# (95#)

Post maxes to comments and BTW.

Allaina building her posterior chain.

Allaina building her posterior chain.

So I realized the other night I’ve been on this ride a looooong time (well relative to a lot of “trends” anyhow).  This ride being CrossFit, I’ve been doing it (way back then it was more like “trying it as best we could off the internet” since early 2007.  In fact the theories in CrossFit itself have been around in some capacity since 1985–so it’s not a “trend” per se.  Being around that long means that I’ve gone through some ups and downs, I’ve had some PR’s and over that time I’ve had a lot of other life happen.  But even through it all, I still come back to it.  Because I know it works, I know it’s fun, I enjoy the company at Verve and the community as a whole and I appreciate the science and evolution of CrossFit itself.  Another article has made it’s way around from Dai Manuel, written by Lisa Scotto, find it all here.  The main points are included below:

6 Things to remember so you can stay motivated and never fall out of love with CrossFit

  1. Whatever you do, don’t stop going: This is tough. Why would you want to go on a date with someone you don’t like…consider it more like a marriage (you are not going to easily give up on your soul-mate) nor should you easily give up on yourself. Go to the BOX and do the WOD.
  2. Scale back: don’t do the WOD RX for several days, master the movements. This is completely opposite of what everyone else is doing, but tell your coach beforehand and take your time. Do it right. There is a certain gratification in doing each movement with absolute perfection. Go light and go fast. This will also get your confidence up.
  3. Because you may be feeling a bit down – do not let your eating habits fall off, too. We tend to rationalize, “well I skipped the gym, so I’ll just eat this bad/junk/processed crap now to make me feel better”, or “I’ll have a glass (or 2) of vino with dinner, alcohol is a depressant, folks! Even if you can’t get your ass to the box for the WOD…keep your diet dialed in. Diet is 80% of the total package.
  4. Get an accountability partner: CrossFit inherently is more accountable than most other things in our lives – but find just one person at the gym (maybe someone who is of a similar age or mindset) and be accountable to them and ask them to hold you accountable – this is the same idea as a workout buddy.
  5. It’s a lifelong journey: Remember that no matter what you are doing CrossFit for yourself, for the long haul, it is not a brief commitment, it is a lifelong commitment and just like anything that lasts for more than a hot second, your feelings will change over time. Recognize this and move on.
  6. Don’t lose sight of your why: Remain confident that getting in three or more workouts per week statistically puts you ahead of the game – scaled WOD or not, it all counts, so don’t be too hard on yourself!

What would you add?  What keeps you coming back or what would you suggest to someone to remember?

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