Wednesday 141008

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes:

10 Sumo deadlift high pull, 115# (75#)
15 Pull-ups
20 Anchored abmat sit-ups

Post rounds to comments and BTW.

New ownership team of Verve, Courtney & Eric.

New ownership team of Verve, Courtney & Eric.

We could not be more excited to announce that CrossFit Verve will be under new leadership (ownership). This is by no means a good-bye, simply a bright beginning.

Verve is an amazing place, with an amazing community and amazing coaches. We opened the “doors” (there were no real doors yet) in October 2008, with a simple goal.  To create a fit community that collectively transformed lives through functional fitness, so that each of us could live happier and healthier lives.  That mission has fueled the growth of Verve everyday. For us, never in our wildest dreams did we imagine it would take the form that you see today.  We are humbled and proud of how far it has come; from hauling equipment to Commons Park hoping a few athletes would show up, to finding a tiny location where we needed to cap the membership, to now an abundance of equipment and space, a staff of brilliant trainers and a wide variety of wonderful athletes.  But the future is even brighter. 

Several years ago, Matt and Cherie decided to take their  jobs with CrossFit Inc. to full-time status, making it an employment priority.  We were looking for the life balance we advocated to our athletes. During that time we handed the reigns over to our partners Joylyn and Mas.  Our professional staff has continued to grow and continues to do a brilliant job as Verve has grown exponentially.  We’ve loved the opportunity to connect with each of you in our athlete and affiliate community near and far.   This community has held our hearts, it has changed our lives, ignited a passion for us and continues to be one of the best parts of our day.  

It became clear within this year that Verve was going to need some changes, including a new space. It was with heavy hearts that we all began planning for that change.  Be it for different reasons, we all know we would not be able to dedicate the time that Verve needs and deserves for it’s next big evolution.  We are excited to support Verve in a different capacity moving forward. 

We did not need to look very far to find the right people for Verve’s continued future.  It was within our own walls, two of the people who take such good care of each of you everyday.  Please join us in welcoming Courtney Shepherd and Eric Clancy as CrossFit Verve’s new owners.  We are unbelievably proud and grateful for everything they have done for us in the past and everything they are going to do in Verve’s future. 

Much Love – Joylyn, Mas, Matt and Cherie


  1. Pottsie :

    Oh great! Now we’ll really have non-stop teenage angst music blaring!!


  2. Joannie :

    Wonderful. Change is always hard but usually good and I certaintly could not think of two more dedicated or capable coaches. Congratulations !

  3. Hi Courtney & Eric,
    Congrats on the Purchase. Im looking forward to meeting and shaking both your hands. I have always looked at Verve as a Benchmark of Quality, both at my German Box and now the goal for my own Box here in Denver. Here’s to a great future for you guys.

    All the Best,
    Stephen Glover

  4. Jason Allison :

    Holy crap! Congrats guys! I’m excited to see Verve evolve . That picture is your guys personalities in a nutshell.

  5. Jen Kates :

    Congrats, Courtney and Eric! Exciting times are ahead at Verve! (And Jason is right: that pic completely captures your personalities spot-on… hilarious.)

  6. James (O.G.) :

    Wait, I thought I was going to be in charge?

  7. Scotty :

    Does this mean Clancy wont tell me I’m sucking any more now that he has a responsibility to be nice? Just curious…

  8. Linda Kiker :

    Congrats Courtney and Clancy!

  9. Eric :

    Wow, wow, wow. I’m so happy for you two. And a little confused. But more happy than confused. And excited to see what happens next. In a somewhat confused, yet very happy way.

  10. Dan Bragaw :

    Congrats you guys. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Verve.

  11. Leah C. :

    Congrats to you both – ooking forward to new Verve adventures under your fine leadership!

  12. Danielle :


  13. emily :

    Well done you two! Looking forward to the future!!!

  14. Ann A :

    Congrats Courtney and Eric!!
    When are you announcing the new location? Lookout Mtn is a great area (I know….highly unlikely)….Hoping that Matt, Cherie, Joylyn, and Mas still pop in every once in awhile–will miss you guys!

  15. Ali :

    Love both of you!! Congrats! I am excited for the future of Verve!

  16. MC :

    Wowzer! Huge move on everyone’s part. Congratulations to Joylyn, Mas, Cherie and Matt for creating VERVE as a place of excellence. You feel that the minute you step inside. And congratulations to Courtney and Eric for being willing to stand on great shoulders and take it to the next level. I honor the hard work and dedication of each of you. My all-time favorite quote just seems to fit for all:

    “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” ~Thoreau


  17. Cheresa :

    Congratulations Courtney and Eric!

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