Wednesday 141126

Five rounds for time:

5 Strict muscle-ups
25 Burpees
50 Double unders

Post time to comments and BTW.

Daughter Jen

Daughter Jen

Mother Joannie

Mother Joannie

Seeing family members and loved ones join each other at Verve for workouts makes me so happy.  Even if sometimes it’s just in passing off a baby between classes, I love seeing people care about each other and make time for their health in the busy lives we lead.  Yes, I do CrossFit for selfish reasons: like wanting to stay fit, feeling good, happy with how I look and balancing my mental health.  But I also do it so I can be all those things for the people I love, hopefully for a long time too.  So that I can be strong for them when they need it, and I love when they choose to be strong too.  

Along those lines I want to share a couple of things CrossFit related that I am thankful for….feel free to add your thoughts and thankfulness to comments.

Top 10 things I’m thankful to CrossFit for:

  1. To be surrounded with people who don’t shy away from hard work.  People who enjoy challenge, enjoy learning and strive to improve themselves daily, they always make me want to be better.
  2. A fellow training staff who cares enough about my movement and health to cue and correct me and knows just what I need to improve.  A staff who is committed to learning and improving everyday.
  3. A leadership who loves connecting with athletes and has our best interests at heart.  
  4. A broad and varied community of people who are hilarious, enjoy each other and bring so many brilliant minds and attitudes through our doors and all the other doors they visit.
  5. For the growth of CrossFit, as it continues to reach out to people everyday with its growing affiliate community and free web content each day.  For CrossFit providing continuing education and continued professional opportunities.  I worked so long on the other side of life, responding to people’s emergencies that I relish the chance to hopefully prevent many of those. 
  6. For a support system of people who recognize that somedays are harder than others, but know how far a little encouragement can go.  The weight of a comment, or squeeze of a hug, or look of compassion in an eye can turn around a day.  
  7. A ridiculously clean and organized gym to workout, because it definitely plays to my anal retentive side as well as soothe my compromised toddler-affected immune system.  
  8. The chalk bucket, because when I need an extra moment to talk myself into another set or breathe deeply, it’s [usually] there.  And epsom salt baths, definitely those.
  9. A barbell and weights, because learning how strong I am inside the gym has completely changed how strong I feel outside the gym walls and forever changed how I approach life.  
  10. For the constantly varied nature of CrossFit, with the mantra of mechanics–>consistency–>intensity.  Because there is always something to work on, but there is always something to look forward to or enjoy.  Even if it’s just the sigh of relief at the end and opportunity to not suffer alone.  


  1. Mike C :

    Thankful for the “5:30 AM” group thread O, Shale, Jay, Chance, & Ryan for talking trash and support during my first year of crossfit
    Thankful for Ali making me do the Lumberyard Throwdown
    Thankful for whatever class I attend for that day laughing at my jokes.
    Thankful for a group of trainers who care about my health more than what I put up on the whiteboard

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