Wednesday 141210

3 rounds for time:

30 Toes to bar
15 Clean and jerks, 155# (105#)

Post time to comments and BTW.

Life would be better if we just wore more tutus.

Life would be better if we just wore more tutus.  Words to live by Carmen.

“Mom, sometimes waiting is really hard to do. . .”  –a 3 year old wise beyond her years close to me. 

True, true.  Waiting is nearly always really hard to do.  Anticipation is a big, magical part of childhood.  Seems like we were always waiting for holidays, the end of the school day, summer break, or to be old enough to do something amazing.  Despite the fun in anticipating, we still never seemed to lose the view of beauty in each day.  Even in this season of anticipation for Christmas, she finds every snowflake sparkling, every taste of coconut water sweet, every snuggle warm and cozy.  

Sometimes in our fitness journey we forget how to enjoy all the small steps.  Whether it’s just dancing with friends between heavy sets of squats, high fives on a running loop, or the opportunity to even pick up a barbell.  Often our beginnings of CrossFit are filled with PR’s, many firsts, and huge leaps of improvement.  The longer we stay the journey it evens out more with a small but steady gain.  I PR’d my max clean last Wednesday, but then was disappointed not to PR my 3RM jerk  on Friday.  I got greedy!  Then I realized what a gift that I can even walk in our doors and pickup a barbell, that I can move my body each day, that I got to work out with Anna and hear her laugh (that seriously makes my day every time.)  

We clean up our nutrition and we want overnight results, we start a new workout routine and we want immediate changes, we are surrounded by an impatient society.  Technology teaches us to expect immediate results, but we can’t lose sight that it is in our small steps that true joy exists.  It’s in the fact that earlier this year maybe you did 21 pull-ups in a workout, but now you can do 30 pull-ups, that you can deadlift your bodyweight not 1 but 2 times in a row, that you are coming consistently 3x/week instead of 2x/week.  That maybe my jerks haven’t PR’d but my handstand pushups have improved consistency.  

It doesn’t get easier to wait, but we can enjoy each other and celebrate our moments of fun along the way.  Shout it out!  Our community loves to hear and celebrate with you.  What is one of your small victories this week?  Share to comments, we want to hear all about it.  


  1. Kacey :

    I gor kipping pull-ups in the WOD yesterday for the first time. Not just one, but 21!!!!! I’m so happy!!!!!

  2. Kacey :

    Thanks Jo, it was so much fun!!!!

  3. Ryan :

    20 pound squat PR last night.

  4. Kacey :

    Awesome Ryan!!!!!

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