Wednesday 150107

For time:
21-15-9 reps of
Thruster, 95#(65#)

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Stan and Guy getting their bench on during Hotdogs & Cupcakes.

Stan and Guy getting their bench on during Hotdogs & Cupcakes.


Competitor Crew Part 3: Return of the CrossFit Jedi 

Before anyone jumps all over me, I know Return of the Jedi is not really part 3 in the Star Wars series. I am fully aware that it is Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. However it was the third film released in the Star Wars franchise in 1983. Don’t even try to out nerd me here. Now on to more pressing matters. . . the third installment of CrossFit Verve’s Competitor Crew, which for this most recent go round will also be known as the CrossFit Games Open Prep Crew. Because that is the plan for this 6 week closed program that will be starting the week of January 12th, to focus and get game ready for the 2015 CrossFit Games Open. 

What is this program? It is a closed program that will have specialized programming provided twice per week with 2 additional homework pieces, again, all of which designed to prepare you for the Open. What is this program not? It is not one on one/ personalized programming. It is not a feedback driven program. It is simply putting you in an environment surrounded by competitive people and working through tips/ techniques/ WODS to help gain insight and practice for what will come out of the Games Hopper starting February 26th. 

A closed program means it is only available to those who sign up in advance. The cost to register for this 6 week program is $99. The program will run from January 12th- February 22nd, ending the week before the Open starts. Here is what the program will include:

  • Open prep programmed classes held twice per week. Wednesdays @ 7pm and Fridays @ 6pm.
  • During these classes tips for efficiency, tricks of the competitive trade, etc. will be addressed and practiced.
  • 1 piece of stamina homework per week.
  • 1 piece of midline accessory homework per week.

This information will not be sent out via an athlete spreadsheet like previous comp crews. The reason being we want you to be in class. In class is where we will be addressing how to approach the Open WODs, how to be the most efficient, to create a game plan, when to pace oneself or when to push yourself to the max. Information that cannot be gained by doing the work on your own. Who is this for? The competitive athlete who wants to get ready for the Open. That’s it. There is no time doing CrossFit requirement, however, this will not be the time to teach movements. There needs to be a comfort/ familiarity with all CrossFit movements and gymnastics. This is also not a strength program. While some heavy lifting will be involved, again, it will be during WODs written in similar fashion to those seen in previous Opens. 

We realize this is coming up quick, which is why we will have two opportunities for you to speak with Anna and myself (Courtney). You can ask any questions you may have, address any concerns, and Anna and I will clarify our expectations of you during the program. These Q&A sessions will be:

Friday January 9th @ 7pm w/ Courtney

Sunday January 11th @ 12pm w/ Anna

If you absolutely cannot make one of these meetings and have questions please email me, Anna and I will once again be doing the programming and communication for this crew. The Open is a fun time for us, we hope to make it fun for you too. . . and by fun we mean hard work, lots of sweat, and possibly a little discomfort. Seriously though, still a bunch of fun. 

*Don’t forget the Body Fat Truck will be out front of Verve all day today. Bring your suit and towel!!

*The “Change your habits, change your life” Challenge starts today!! The final “Change your habits, change your life” meeting will be tonight at 8pm if you were unable to attend Monday’s meeting.

*Teton Waters Meat Truck will be here Saturday January 10th at 12pm selling 100% grass fed beef by the pound.

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