Wednesday 150111

For time:
21-15-9 reps of
Thruster, 95#(65#)

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Sara and Harrison showing us how to properly do a weighted plank hold.

Sara and Harrison showing us how to properly do a weighted plank hold.


It’s Game time people!! By Courtney Shepherd

We have finished up the “Change your habits, change your life” Challenge. Over the last 5 weeks many of you have worked hard to change the habits in your life or add habits to your life to help you achieve certain goals. Maybe those goals were about nutrition and weight loss or perhaps those goals were based on improved performance during WODs, no matter the goals, this is the week to see how big an impact those changes have made. The Body Fat Test is here today and tomorrow and this week will be filled with repeat benchmark WODs. If you are anything like me, you may have discovered that changing/ breaking/ creating a habit was a little bit harder than I thought it would be. That is why I don’t intend to stop with my efforts after this week. I encourage you all to go out and celebrate but when the celebration ends, continue to build on that framework you’ve already created. It was hard to get where you are now, don’t set yourself up to have to start over, keep it easy by keeping on.

Speaking of benchmarks, we are a mere 17 days away from the start of a benchmark that comes around once a year. The CrossFit Opens starts February 26th. The Open consists of 1 workout posted per week for 5 weeks. When you register for the Open, after you complete the weekly workout, you will enter your score, and doing so will help rank you amongst a worldwide community of CrossFitters. Some of you may be very new to CrossFit and wondering if it is even worth your time. . . I will tell you it is. Beyond the fun experience of the process to help crown the fittest man and woman in the world, it is a true test of your hard work. It is the opportunity to push yourself and be encouraged by your fellow Verve athletes and come back a year later to see your progress. Verve will be programming the Open workout on Fridays. You will have 9 opportunities to join a class on Friday and do the workout in the fun, competitive environment you are already use to (this will not include open gyms times). If you are unable to make it Friday or just simply don’t feel ready, we will be providing an additional time on Saturdays, from 1:30-2:30pm, to make-up the workout. We ask that you arrive prior to 1:30pm to get warmed-up, we will get started exactly at 1:30pm. If you happen to be unable to attend Friday and Saturday we are offering up a 3rd and final option to complete the workout, during open gym on Monday from 1:30pm-3pm. It is during these times that myself and additional trainers will be available to help judge or oversee the judging of the workout. If you perform the workout during these times, when you submit your score you may choose Verve as the affiliate it was performed at and I will validate the score. If you either cannot or choose not to do the workout during the aforementioned times, it will then be up to you as the athlete to video tape your workout and submit the videotape for validation of your score. There are very specific requirements that must be met when videotaping your workout, these requirements are explained when each individual workout is released, click here for examples of video submissions.

You can get registered for the Open by clicking here. After you finish registering we ask that you click here to take the judge’s course. As a registered athlete you will be needing people who have taken the judge’s course to help judge your workout, we ask that you prepare yourself to return the favor. The course costs $10, takes a few hours, and you can print up your certificate and drop it off in the office at Verve. Taking the judge’s course not only helps you feel more confident in judging your peer’s workout, but, and more importantly, it will help you understand the movement requirements when you perform the workout.

Get excited guys and gals, it’s CrossFit Games time!!

*The sign up sheet for the Basic Self Defense Course is out. The course is put on by Kent Seidel, a 5th degree black belt. This course is 4 x 1 hour sessions starting February 22nd, it is free to Verve members. You must be able to attend all 4 sessions. Spots are limited, get signed up by February 15th. Click here for full details.

 *Verve will be closed this weekend as we host a Level 1 Seminar. Get up early for the 7am WOD or sleep in and enjoy some outside WODs later in the day.

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