Wednesday 150204

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
20 Calorie row
5 Power clean 135#(95#)
10 Burpee box jump overs 24″(20″)

Post rounds to comments and BTWB

If you're happy and you love burpees, clap your hands. Ben and burpees are soul mates. Totes.

If you’re happy and you love burpees, clap your hands. Ben and burpees are soul mates. Totes.


Be the change you want to see. . . in your WODs. By Courtney #hashtag Shepherd, with stolen excerpts from Eat To Perform.

I’m always looking for ways to improve my workouts, be it technique in the movement, better times to breath during a movement, faster transitions between movements, etc. It’s also important to remember that not all improvements are physical. I am also constantly working on improving my mental game. When I see a workout filled with all things I like the least, I try not to say, “this is going to suck”, but rather, “well no better time than now to work on these things”. At some point though, it all adds up. We can start to get overwhelmed with things that need to be worked on. Do I need to improve my technique, my endurance, my positive attitude, my mobility. . . . . ? I came across an article in Eat To Perform by Paul Nobles titled “8 Changes That Will Transform Your WODs”. He took what can sometimes be overwhelming and simplified it down a bit.

1) Don’t turn metcons into strength workouts.

“Look at the best person in your class. If the speed and pace of your workout doesn’t look like the speed and pace of their workout, you are sort of missing the point. Using submaximal weights is necessary to build speed and endurance.”

2) Put the time into developing your skills.

3) WOD to enjoy your health and get better, not to punish yourself.

“Maybe the scale is up a bit. So what? Just as a single workout won’t determine your results, a couple of days are literally just a drop in the bucket. This is a lifetime commitment that only brings change when behaviors are repeated over and over again. . . You don’t work out to earn food – you work out to get better at working out.”

4) Learn to conserve energy and live to work out another day.

“When, say, toes to bar comes up as a movement in a WOD, I consider how much it will take out of me because I’m not a T2B master. If it’s 5 reps or less, I Rx the workout; anything more than that, and I scale back and do knees to chest. Otherwise, it basically becomes a grueling toes to bar workout instead of a WOD.”

5) Always work on growing stronger.

“The key is to be able to breathe freely but if you are operating very close to your one rep max, that’s going to shorten your breath and leave you eating dust as you grind out slow, sloppy reps. Similar to the toes to bar example I used above, if you don’t scale the weight you’re changing the workout to something it’s not supposed to be. We are all weak at something and when you first start off, using challenging weights in WODs will in fact make you stronger.”  

6) Capitalize on your strengths.

7) Stop holding yourself to the standards of others.

“Once I started to view myself as an individual, I became the most important judge of my success. The simple fact is that where I am now compared to where I was when I started is phenomenally different. It’s good to have examples of success all around you but it’s better to have perspective because lack of perspective will get you hurt and have you pursuing someone else’s dreams.”

8) Ask yourself “What result do I REALLY want?”

“I want to be more capable, and that means that if I have more useful muscle I can do cooler stuff.”

Even more simply put. . . Mechanics, Consistency,  and then Intensity. And it’s okay to scale in WODs. . . in fact, scale and scale often. You come to Verve to improve on you, keep your goals your focus. Now WOD on my fitness fanatics.

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