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EMOM x 10 minutes: snatch, starting weight is 50% of 1RM snatch, add weight each round,
Then, EMOM x 10 minutes: clean, starting weight is last weight of snatch EMOM, add weight each round,
Then, EMOM x 10 minutes: deadlift, starting weight is last weight of clean EMOM, add weight each round

Post heaviest load for each lift in comments of BTW

Courtney sharing the CrossFit-way with some kids!

Courtney sharing the CrossFit-way with some kids!

“FAILURE TO THRIVE” – quote from Nicole Caroll

We have many new, fresh faces at Verve so this may be a repeat for some BUT it is still great information.

When we start CrossFit, we see great gains; changes in our abilities, our bodies, and our minds.  As time goes by, there may come a point where those gains start to peter off, your progress slows and you may even lose some of your gains.  Nicole Carol calls this time in our CrossFit careers “FAILURE TO THRIVE.”  This is when we have to start looking outside factors that could be affecting our performance such as diet.

crossfit heirarchy

Greg Glassman has created a pyramid or heirarchy of the essential pieces that make up the sport of CrossFit.  You will notice above, the base of the entire pyramid is NUTRITION.  We believe a solid nutritional base is KEY to having a successful CrossFit career.  What is nutrition? “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.  Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.” What does this look like?  The Zone Diet by Barry Sears is a great resource that follows this CrossFit diet prescription.  The video below does a great job explaining the importance of diet in CrossFit and begins to introduce the Zone diet philosophy.

CrossFit Mayhem recently posted some great resources on places to find more information, recipes, tips, and more HEREAs always, if you should have an questions at all, please feel free to talk to one of the trainers.  We are working on scheduling a nutrition meeting to help anyone that may have questions.



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