Wednesday 150318

With a 7 minute clock 

Row 1000 meters
With remaining time as many reps as possible rope climbs
rest 3 minutes
With a 5 minute clock
row 500 meters
with remaining time as many reps as possible toes to bar
Post to BTWB.
That's one awesome cloud of POWER!

That’s one awesome cloud of POWER!

CHALK = POWER!!!  – Anna Mattson

Welllll, yes and no.  Does chalk help give our hands more grip? Yes.  Does chalk covering our entire hand, forearm, and thighs look awesome? Yes.  Does chalk give us a great excuse to rest? Absolutely.  I have listed the many reasons why chalk can be GREAT!  There are also drawbacks to using chalk, especially too much chalk.  I want to discuss why we even use chalk, how to properly use chalk, and where it is best stored!


Our grip is very important in CrossFit.  We pull things off the ground, we put things in the air, and we pull ourselves up over objects.  When our hands are slick with sweat, this just increases the element of danger; hence, why we use chalk.  Chalk helps to dry out our hands when they sweat so we can keep a stronger grip. 


Setting chalk’s mystical powers aside, let me put the theory of “the more chalk the better” to rest.  Chalk adds grip to our hands.  As we are working out, our hands sweat, we use more chalk, more sweat, more chalk, and so on.  This cycle creates a paste of stickiness on our hands that, especially when doing pulling work, leads us straight into rip town.


You wouldn’t think there is much to the chalking process, “I put the chalk on the hands, I pick things up, I put things down”.  There is more to the chalk process than covering your whole hand from wrist to finger tip before doing pull-ups.  Take a moment and think about what part of your hand you use for any lifting or pulling; more than likely, if you are a homosapian you are only using the base of your fingers to your third knuckle up not the palm of your hand.  When chalking up, just focus on that area.  When re-chalking, possibly keep a towel near by, wipe down your hands before adding another layer of chalk.  Following this process along with good hand maintenance should help you avoid the constant ripping of the hands.


We try to do our best to keep Verve clean!  When chalk leaves its’ home in the bucket, this task of cleanliness gets harder.  I will start this with where chalk does not belong:

On a J-cup

On a J-cup

At the bottom of a post

At the bottom of a post

Randomly laying on the ground

Randomly laying on the ground

When chalk is left in the above places, it will likely get stepped on or dropped, crumbling into a pile of a million pieces, then Lindsay Lohan magically appears and jumps on the new pile of powder and has a party.  We have 5 chalk buckets set throughout the gym, so you will never have to walk more than 20 ft. to get some chalk.  Being as how we are not at the CrossFit games, you can either take a couple of extra seconds to go grab chalk from a bucket or decide we don’t need more chalk and we move faster!


One of our members, Danielle D, runs a t-shirt design company BARCODEFIT and has designed some shirts specifically for this topic!  If you are interested in one of these shirts, just follow THIS link to get your very own!  Enter promo code “VerveChalkPower” to receive $5 off.


Chalk = Power


  1. Kaplan :

    I just chalked up to hold one of the babies…..haven’t dropped one yet! Good storage place for it at my house is a changing table although j cups would be convenient.

    • CrossFit Verve :

      You just made my day Kaplan!!! Continue the strong streak of no baby drops!! I am confident a J-cup could be jerry-rigged to the changing table.

  2. John :

    This is a hilarious article! Also very true!

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