Wednesday 150715

For time:
Power snatch, 135#(95#)
Toes to bar

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Jake working through some hang dumbbell cleans during yesterdays workout.

Jake working through some hang dumbbell cleans during yesterdays workout.


Do Wednesdays have special powers? 

Maybe. It’s universal hump day. It’s gives us an internal feeling that we are almost to the end, it’s all down hill to Friday. And I don’t know about you but that makes me feel special. What else is up with Wednesdays? Well, if any of you come to open gym on Wednesday nights, following regionals, you may have noticed a group of people working out together. This group starts their workout at 7pm and goes to the end of open gym. Who are these people and why are they doing this? Prior to the 2015 open, in the same fashion as the year before, Eric and I made the decision to use the 5 open workouts and the 5 Tuesday regional team qualifier workouts to find the 4 men and 4 women that would make up the Verve regional team. As an added change, we also decided after regionals this team would continue to train together in preparation for 2016. This is the group of people working out on Wednesday nights. Why? To build team camaraderie. Over the last few years, I think we can all agree, the team division at regionals has become more competitive. For the first time ever in Verve history, we wanted to try out the idea of having a team train together all year long, to see the benefits that can come from a group of people truly knowing each others strengths and weaknesses. To let a team fail together and build each other back up, to succeed together and be each other’s support.

Along with that we also recognize that a lot can happen in a year, people can be injured, a job can force a move, etc. The team asked the next man and woman on the list from the open to train together as well. No special invite, just simply asking the next person in line to be a training buddy. What is our programming? It’s no secret. We are doing Hotdogs and Cupcakes, the same thing written on the whiteboard at Verve. Because Verve was still in the middle of an Olympic lifting cycle following regionals, the team just got started a little early and is about 3 weeks ahead. What do we do on Wednesday nights? We do HD&CC followed by a workout that has usually been written/ programmed about 2 hours before it’s done, it’s just simply that we get to do it together. It’s 2 hours of team building. I wrote a blog post just before this round of Hotdogs and Cupcakes started, a blog to interested competitors. I discussed meso/ macro/ micro cycles and an ideal training template for this current strength cycle. The team follows that same training template. With the exception of Wednesday nights, we are simply at Verve on our own time, following the strength program, and joining some WODs.

I’ve had a few questions come up over the last few weeks about this Wednesday night training, hopefully this has helped answer them. If not, if there are additional questions out there, please leave them in the comments section or feel free to email me,

Now go out there and have one heck of a hump day. (I know how that sounds, I’m okay with it)

*Verve is hosting a Paleo Pop-up this Saturday from 2:30pm-4:30pm. Open to anyone and everyone, come check it out!!

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