Wednesday 151216

For time:
21-15-9 Push press, 135#(95#)
7-5-3 Muscle-ups

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Trevor, Andy, Joel made up team 3 Dollar Bill, aka team hot sex pants, at the "It Takes A Team" challenge.

Trevor, Andy, and Joel made up team 3 Dollar Bill, aka team hot sex pants, at the “It Takes A Team” challenge.


Well folks, I’m certain you came to the blog hoping for another informative article highjacked from the internet by your’s truly. . . but that is not what you will get today. Today and tomorrow’s post I would simply like to dedicate to those that helped out this weekend. I’m calling you all out by name!!

To the many companies and people that donated for our top team finisher prizes and raffle prizes:

Progenex– Matt Marshall and Justin Ratliff

SFH– Matt Aporta and Keith McReynolds

RX Bar– Peter Rahal

Suerte Tequila– Kirk Warner

Fuel For Fire– Mark Neville

Kill Cliff– Josh Haskins

The Cassette Company– Austin Clift

Genesis Performance & Recovery– John Lewis

Monument Gear– Steve Williams

MyaTherapy– Jason Thompson

Progressive Paleo– Ramsey Lowe

Rogue– Matt Chan


Brute Force Training– Justin Eberle

STAKK’D– Matt Conti

Lift Heavies– Kadir Suleymanoglu

Living Love Mindfulness Medicine– Dr. Diane Mueller

Smith Sunglasses– Jake Pedziwiatr

Great Divide Brewery

OSO Barbell Collars


To the many Verve members/ Verve family that gave of their time:

Stephanie Missey

Scotty Lefbvre

Nate Rader

Sarah Sullivan

Steve Fox

Paul Buono

Kacey Kingry

Shaina Jordan

Jay Cain

Gabrielle Kulesza

Cat Potts

Emily Abernathy

Adam Rozier

Leslie Tyson

Charles Buscemi

Mike Cain

Leslie Smith

Leslie Fry

Jen Kates

Bill Chan 

Michelle Wilson

Lexi Zadak

Daniel Huff-Hannon

Jen Rutt

Jason Rutt 

Brendan McManus

Matt Franco

Matt Duckett

Jason Allison


Thank You!!!


  1. Danni B. :

    Yes, thank you everyone! It wouldn’t have been possible without each and every one of you 🙂

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