Wednesday 160316

2 Rounds for time:
15 Medicine ball clean, 20#(14#)
30 Push-ups
15 Medicine ball clean, 20#(14#)
30 Walking lunge steps
15 Medicine ball clean, 20#(14#)
30 Ab-mat sit-ups

Post Results to BTWB.

Bamboo Bar

Courtney using the Bamboo Bar for some core stability work.

Hello Verve,

Welcome to your new Wednesday blog installment of: “What are those?!?!”. Where we will be educating you on some of the interesting equipment that CrossFit Verve has to offer. This week we will go over the Bamboo Barbell

What is it?
The bamboo barbell is exactly what the name describes it as, a barbell made out of bamboo. The bar’s lightweight structure combined with kettlebells hanging from the sides create oscillations during the entire movement (bench press, strict press, holds, carries, etc…).

Why would someone use it?
The oscillations mentioned above trigger small stabilizer muscles, as opposed to targeting larger muscle groups, making this a great choice for rehabilitation or accessory work.

Who would need this?
This bar is especially great for those with wonky shoulders or lower backs and in need of some extra stability work to either protect spine or get the shoulder to start moving and rotating properly again. This would also just be great for anyone looking for strength endurance through accessory work. 

What can we do with it?
This bar can be used with a combination of pressing movements, carries and holds. A couple of my favorite movements to use this bar for is any variant of the bench or strict press as well as front rack and overhead carry or lunge. This is an all around great barbell and something that can be used to help bring your weak spots up to speed!

And now for some humor:

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