Wednesday 160406

As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes:
50 Double unders
25 Ab mat sit ups
5 Muscle ups

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Jordan doing a great job of scaling down his first workout back yesterday. Instead of 400m Run, we brought it down to about a 300m with 3:00 of work and 3:00 of rest.

We are taking a one week hiatus from “What are those?!” to talk about something I feel strongly about. 

A lot of times in the strength and conditioning world, coaches and programmers will hound athletes saying,  “follow the program” or “work through it” until it is beaten into their athletes heads that their program is the only thing that works. First of all, this is ridiculous. Yes, it’s great to follow a program, however life happens and listening to our body is the number one. 

A program is just words on a piece of paper. Even though, coaches are doing their best job of crossing their T’s and dotting their I’s while they write, even the best out their can’t account for how every single person is feeling. Yes of course, we are trying to monitor our pulls and presses and balance out everything that could go wrong. However, just like our parents told us (unfortunately) we are all unique snowflakes. The most important thing is listening to our body. If our backs are tight, maybe avoid pulling from the ground. If our knees haven’t been feeling great the past couple days then don’t go below parallel. If our shoulders aren’t feeling the best, take out the overhead work and add in horizontal pulling to get the scapula’s moving correctly again. The key to training is adaptation. We have to adapt to the way we are feeling and keep moving forward.

If you are ever feeling a lack of confidence in a movement or a workout, express that to the coach in charge, especially if something isn’t feeling right. Sometimes we have to modify for a day or two and that will get us back to normal and avoiding a bigger injury. 

The program is just words on paper.

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