Wednesday 160420

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
5 Deadlift, 275#(185#)
5 Bar facing burpees
Calorie row, 15(12)

Post Results to BTWB.


I guess Brent doesn’t want his picture taken?

Often we hear that people try to do their best job at attacking their mobility weaknesses. We hear about the time spent with foam rollers, with lacrosse balls and with bands stretching and mashing every muscle in the body. Often after these statements we hear that whatever is tried only affects them temporarily and shortly after the mobility gained is lost. Why?

Well here, after all the time spent with mobility and soft tissue devices are you practicing the new ranges of motion you have gained or are you going back to dumping your shoulders forward, rounding your upper back and sitting the rest of the day? Well here is the answer. Just because you spent half your day humping soft tissue tools, doesn’t mean change will happen. The best way to create changes in our movement and mobility are forcing ourselves to be in a better anatomical position throughout the day. Here are two quick tips that have helped me move a little better in the past year:

  1. Get a standing desk. I have been using a standing desk for the past two years. Standing desks help prevent rounded shoulders and upper backs, while also keep the hip open. Sitting all day shortens our beloved hip flexors, which pull us into lordosis (anterior pelvic tilt), which can cause many problems down the rode. You can go to Rogue Supply Co. and pick up a sweet standing desk for a good price!
  1. Hang your shoulders on the shelf. One of my favorite Physical Therapists from Milford, CT gave me this advice right before I left for my drive out to Colorado. We were talking about this topic one day when he told me about a technique he uses called “Hanging your shoulders on the shelf.” What this means is take a big breath in, lift your shoulders and let them sit back by pressing both your scapula’s down and back. This will help put your shoulders in a better position throughout the day. Check out the video below for some help with this.

Hope this helps!



  1. Fernanda :

    Where’s the video mentioned on tip #2?

  2. Edie :

    “Just because you spent half your day humping soft tissue tools, doesn’t mean change will happen.”


    That’s what she said?


    Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

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