Wednesday 160426.

For time:
50 Wallball, 20#(14#) to 10′
25 Ring dips
50 Box jumps, 24″(20″)
25 Ring dips
50 Wallball, 20#(14#) to 10′

Post Results to BTWB.


Hello CrossFit Verve!

June 18th and 19th CrossFit Verve will be hosting a CrossFit Football Seminar. This will be held from from 8am to 5pm both days.

This course is an introduction to the concepts, movements and level of intensity needed to be successful in training for sport. In the course, participants are provided with a foundation for training athletes. They are taught the fundamentals of sport-specific training, including sprinting, basic movements, warm-ups and cool downs, change-of-direction and agility drills, jumping and weightlifting. Participants are given information on programming, nutrition and diet, and film study. Film study demonstrates the practical application of the CrossFit movements to football and other power sports. Anyone who trains groups that are required to be strong, agile and powerful can benefit from this course, no matter the level of athletes.

A good example of just one of the drills that CrossFit Football will be going over this weekend. Click through their youtube channel, here, to find some more good tips. 

Learning Objectives

The Football Course teaches participants to:

  • Understand the most effective way to utilize CrossFit for sport-specific athletes.
  • Learn how to effectively implement the CrossFit Football program’s “plug and play” strength-and-conditioning template in a gym and/or team environment.
  • Build competency when implementing CrossFit Football’s warm-up progressions, which can also be used as diagnostic tools for identifying an athlete’s limiting factors.
  • Develop competency in the major multi-jointed barbell movements: the squat, deadlift, bench press and power clean, including the ability to teach, see and correct proper mechanics.
  • Utilize recovery as a necessary part of training. This extends to, but is not limited to, intelligent training, nutrition, stretching, identifying limiting factors and mobility.


If you are looking for more information about this course, click here.

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