Wednesday 160706

Take 15 minutes to establish a heavy overhead squat

Then, 5 rounds:
3 Behind the neck, wide grip push press + 5 overhead squat @ 50% of today’s heaviest
100′ Shuttle sprint
Rest 1 minute

Post Results to BTWB












There are many things that can affect your squat, two of which are your mobility and stability. Today, I am going to go over three different mobilizations that could potentially help your positioning in your squat. These three stretches should each be done for anywhere between 2-3:00/side whenever you do them. Here is to making some change in your wonderful hip mobility!

  1. Standing Banded Pigeon
  2. Banded Hurdler
  3. Banded Superfrog


It doesn’t take very long to make change. Take an extra 10-15 minutes out of your day everyday to make sure you are focusing on areas that you need to work on. Consistency gets results. 

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