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A lot of times we throw around buzzwords like mobility and stability and throw those exercises into our warm-up routines. However, every once in a while when you only have 45 minutes to get a workout in, you don’t want to spend your entire session playing with bands and foam rollers. This is a perfect chance to utilize a dynamic warm-up

What is a dynamic warm-up?
A dynamic warm-up lasts between 5-10 minutes and is the first part of your workout. It involves a series of bounds, hops, skips, runs and ballistic stretches that increase your core temperature that prepares your body for the activity that takes place. You’ll work out or compete better if you warm-up properly and go into your workout sweating. 

What is the purpose of a dynamic warm-up?
The main purpose of a dynamic warm-up is to increase blood flow to the joints and parts of the body that will be used in the workout you are about to perform. Another purpose is to increase the nervous system awareness by stimulating the parts of the body that will be used in bouts of effort to come. 

The video above is from Matt Chan demonstrating good use of his time by having a set routine he follows every time he goes into the gym. Having a set warm-up leaves the guess work out of the equation and ensures that your time will be best spent on improving your fitness rather than deciding what you should do

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