Wednesday 160830

For time:
50 Box jump, 24″(20″)
25 Handstand push-ups
40 Box jump, 24″(20″)
20 Handstand push-ups
30 Box jump, 24″(20″)
15 Handstand push-ups
20 Box jump, 24″(20″)
10 Handstand push-ups
10 Box jump, 24″(20″)

5 Handstand push-ups

Post Results to BTWB.

I want to do Barbell Class, but I can’t do a bodyweight Overhead Squat, what should I do next? Why is this one of the two only requirements for Barbell Class?

First of all, I would like to talk about the bodyweight Overhead Squat. In CrossFit it is a benchmark to be able to do 15 reps of the Overhead Squat unbroken at bodyweight, so asking for one is not something that isn’t reasonable. The main reason for this requirement is to make sure that your shoulders can support the load and volume of going overhead anywhere between 3-4 days a week. It’s to make sure that the members of CrossFit Verve remain healthy and functioning properly. It’s because we care.

Next, if you do not have that bodyweight Overhead Squat, what can you do? Well, there are two ways to attack this thing in my mind, mobility and stability. What do you need most? It depends on whether you find it more difficult to get into a position like the bottom of a snatch or if you find it more difficult holding the weight overhead. Mobility would be more of a position issue, where stability would be if you tend to shake uncontrollably the second you are at the top of an Overhead Squat, Snatch or Jerk. 

How should you address mobility issues for Olympic Lifting? There are some unique spots that really affect the positions of the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Places that you should address are your Thoracic Spine, Hips and Ankles. Some good drills are listed below

  1. T:Spine
    1. Foam Roller T:Spine Extensions x 10 reps x 3 spots
    2. Side Lying T:Spine Rotations x 6-8 reps/side x 2-3 sets
    3. Wall Angels x 10 reps x 2-3 sets
  1. Hips:
    1. Psoas Mash x 2:00-3:00/side
    2. Banded Couch Stretch x 2:00-3:00/side
    3. Pigeon Pose x 2:00-3:00/side
  2. Ankles:
    1. Banded Dorsiflexion Stretch x 1:00-2:00/side
    2. Banded Ankle Distractions x 10-15 reps/side
    3. Bottom of Foot Mash x 2:00-3:00/side

Now what about if stability is your issue? I recommend spending some time adding in certain drills before or after your training. Some of the drills that I like to do for sticking spots such as overhead stability and the bottom of the squat are listed below:


  1. Overhead Positon
    1. Snatch/Jerk Grip Overhead Hold Carry
      1. Using Kettlebell
      2. Using Barbell
      3. Using Bamboo Bar
  2. Bottom Position (Squat)
    1. Squat Holds 
      1. Start unloaded and progress your way to holding empty barbells in the back and front squat for up to 2-3 minutes at a time. 
    2. Sott’s Press
Hopefully this answers some of your questions about the Overhead Squat requirement and what you can do to make sure that you are on board for Cycle 2!


  1. rob bell :

    Does it necessarily have to be at my bodyweight or can I use a friend’s, like say Danni’s?

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