Wednesday 161221

Take 15 minutes to establish a heavy complex of:
1 Power clean
1 Hang clean

Then, every minute on the minute x 7 rounds @ 75% of heaviest complex:
1 Power clean
1 Hang clean
1 Front squat

Post results to comments or BTWB

THE Eric Kiker!

THE Eric Kiker!


#1 – What is your HOMETOWN?

I was born in Oklahoma City, moved to Vineland, New Jersey when I was 13 and ended up in Colorado for college, where I lived in Colorado Springs, Longmont, Greeley, Boulder, now Denver—for 27 years—so I guess my hometown is DENVER, COLORADO—sorry all you other clearly less impressive hometown nominees.  

#2 – What do you do in your free time? Hobbies?
I was hobby-less until a friend of ours, to whom I am permanently indebted, cajoled us into attending a CrossFit class five years ago. Since that day, my hobby has been, “getting better and not dying.” With the help of CrossFit, Allergy/Immunology interventions, a Functional Medicine doctor, a nutrition coach who just happened to come in second in the CrossFit Games in 2012, several PTs, Muscle Activation Techniques and a passion for following Ray Kurzweil and all things “futurist,” I feel better, fitter, stronger, happier and more resilient at 58 than I have since I was born—yes, in Oklahoma City.
#3 – What changes have you seen both physically and mentally since you started CrossFit?

The best thing is feeling like an athlete, instead of a “member” or “client.” And that feeling goes hand in hand with being able to do things other people just can’t even imagine doing—sorry, don’t really know how to say that in a way that doesn’t sound disparaging. Maybe see the second part of my answer to question #5.

#4 – What is your favorite workout or movement in CrossFit?

My favorite movements are the ones I’ve decided to work on and get better at—for instance it’s taken four Opens to realize I’m not that good at Toes to Bar (terrible, in fact), yet I’ve kept avoiding them, because, right, I’m not that good at them. Recently, I started making that movement part of my warm up. And guess what—I’ve gotten better and now really look forward to them. Duh! Same thing with running and rowing—hated, got some really good coaching, now love. Duh #2. 

#5 – Any advice for someone new to CrossFit or Verve?

Two pieces: 1. Relish in that nearly-ubiquitously-relished enthusiasm that comes with making barbells obey you. But—and I know this from experiencing the opposite—listen to our incredibly knowledgeable coaches when they give you the expectations of the workout. Scale and modify as needed to not let that enthusiasm cause you to sacrifice form or go beyond your limits and end up injured, which crush your enthusiasm like the uninjured you crushes the power snatch. 2. Use that new or renewed feeling of athleticism to encourage your friends to up their game, with CrossFit or something else high intensity—for the sake of long term health. Believe me, I’m super confident in what I can do after five years, but I’d love nothing more than to see some of my dangerously unhealthy friends come in here and be kicking my ass within six months

#6 – Favorite movie quote  joke 

Tie: “Do the chickens have large talons?” “My lips hurt real bad!”


  1. Ali :

    Cowboy Eric for the win! So glad you are at Verve!!

  2. James (O.G.) :

    I think that photo is from the Masters competition at Front Range back in 2013, which is when I first met Eric. I remember thinking, “Damn, why is that guy pretending like he’s that old? He doesn’t belong in that age bracket.” Then I remember thinking, “Why is that guy stronger and fitter than I am?” Then I got to know him and learned that it’s due to dedication and commitment. Oh, right. That totally makes sense.

    You’re a badass and an inspiration, Eric. But I have no idea where those movie quotes are from.

  3. Anna D :

    Eric Kiker for president!

  4. Courtney :

    Eric, all I have to say is. . . . It’s pretty much my favorite animal. It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed… bred for its skills in magic.

    Glad you are here. No one else can share my appreciation for chucks.

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