Wednesday 170104

6 Rounds:
Row 500m @ 2k pace
Rest 2 minutes

Post results to comments or BTWB

Caroline and her trusty pup Roman!! Say hi when you see her around.

Caroline and her trusty pup Roman!! Say hi when you see her around.


#1 – What is your HOMETOWN?
Denver!  (WOW, don’t find many natives!!
#2 – What do you do in your free time? Hobbies?
I love having fun! Whether it’s with friends, family, or new people! Playing games, going out on the town, joking around and being silly. You know – all that fun stuff! I also love hanging out with my puppy Roman, running my side business – a women’s clothing boutique called Hanger Apparel (shameless plug ;), finding new music, cooking and/or baking, and I also really enjoy spending quality time with my couch. 
#3 – What changes have you seen both physically and mentally since you started CrossFit?
Being a collegiate lacrosse player, I thought I was in the best shape I could ever be in. But since finding CrossFit in 2011, my body and overall outlook on what “being in shape” meant has changed dramatically. I am conscious about what I eat (most of the time) and make getting to the gym a priority in my daily routine. For me, that 1 hour of activity and hanging out with friends (aka pissing Paul off) is the key to my sanity. I view the gym as my sanctuary. I am pumped to have found a type of fitness that spikes my interests and challenges me on a daily basis. CrossFit is an integral part of my life and I don’t see that changing any time soon. 
#4 – What is your favorite workout or movement in CrossFit?
Favorite movement is power cleans; Favorite workout is Grace. I also like anything gymnastics or running related. 
#5 – Any advice for someone new to CrossFit or Verve?
Be patient with yourself and keep an open heart/mind. You’ll have days where you feel like a superhero, followed by days where you feel brand new. But that’s all part of the game. It ebs and flows just like the rest of life. So, embrace the unknown (I promise you will survive that workout), compete with yourself (if no one else), and most importantly – keep it fun! 
#6 – Favorite movie quote /  joke:
Motto I live by: Wake Up. Kick Ass. Be Kind. Repeat.   


  1. Ali :

    Welcome Carol!!

  2. Nate :

    I loves me some Roman. Though I find it troubling I’ve only met him once. Caroline’s cool, too, but can I get some more Roman?

  3. Anna :

    You have been such a fun addition to the gym!!! I love your advice to newbies.

  4. Danni :

    Seriously one of the best photos. Love having you here, Carol! 😉

  5. Anna D :

    Am I the only one disappointed that there’s no mention of your face on a stick at the gym?

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