Wednesday 170125

8 Rounds:
Row 500m @ 2k pace
Rest 2 minutes

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Patrick showing his excitement for the majesty of the Eiffel tower!

Patrick showing his excitement for the majesty of the Eiffel tower!


*make sure you read how he got into CrossFit = classic!
What is your hometown:  I like to say my hometown is Reno, NV but in all honesty I am from the small Nevada mining town Gabbs.  The town is home to roughly 250 residents. Moved to Reno when I was 18 to attend UNR. Go pack! 
What brought you to CrossFit / Verve:  While attending UNR a friend and I were in the university gym pumping iron, just imagine Arnold and Lou ferrigno in a their prime, and the university PE director approached us and asked if we wanted to try a new method of exercise called crossfit. Already having reached the pinnacle of our weightlifting careers we decided it couldn’t hurt to try something new. You know push the envelope. After the first work out I was hooked. Been doing it ever since. 
What is your favorite movement  / workout:  Favorite movement would have to be… either overhead squats… or overhead lunges. They just hurt so good. 
What is the current wallpaper on your phone right now:  Wall paper on phone is boring basic iPhone blue screen. I like to see my apps. Don’t judge. 
What was the first CD you ever owned:  My first CD was Metallica ride the lightening. My older brother gave it to me for my 9th birthday. 
Advice to someone who is thinking about starting CrossFit:  Crossfit is for all levels and everything can be scaled to your ability and skill level. Never be intimidated and always know that everybody in the class wants to see you succeed. Life is a garden… dig it. 



  1. Anna :

    #1 – Solid first CD!!!
    #2 – Glad you and Sadie put your weightlifting careers on hold and share your strength with us!

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