Wednesday 170201

For time:
150 Double unders
750m row
75 Push press, 75#(55#)
750m row
150 Double unders

Post time to comments or BTWB

Anahita taking her fitness outside of Verve and having fun!!!

Anahita taking her fitness outside of Verve and having fun!!!

What is your HOMETOWN? Louisville, CO – yep one of few Colorado Natives
What do you do in your free time? Hobbies? I have pretty limited free time between working full time at a school for kids with autism and going to school full time for a doctorate in school psychology (you’re prttey amazing Anahita!). But….with what free time I do have I spend it snowboarding, hiking, camping – really anything outdoors and in the mountains. When it’s nice out I love going to parks and throwing around a frisbee or kicking the soccer ball. I also love going out in Denver and checking out breweries or hitting up the dance floor wherever there’s good music playing. 
What changes have you seen both physically and mentally since you started CrossFit? Physically – I’m definitely in the best shape I’ve been in, but I’d say the changes I care more about are mental… Nothing feels out of reach anymore, just requiring determination, passion, and patience. This feeling has also transferred to my life outside of CrossFit, and because her article for WOD nation resonated strongly with me, I’ll reference Maddie – I feel like I take up space. 
What is your favorite workout or movement in CrossFit? Grace !!!!!
Any advice for someone new to CrossFit or Verve? Use other people to motivate you, not to compare yourself to. Listen to your body. Rest. Eat well. Stop when something hurts (in an injury way). Focus on the movements you care about (and even those you don’t). But not everything at once. Don’t over-analyze. Your body isn’t the person’s next to you. 
Solid advice Anahita!  Happy to have your positive energy here.


  1. Ali :

    I love your wisdom! Also….can you teach me how to do that move in your picture? 😉

  2. Danni :

    Love this! You’re one amazing lady, Anahita!

  3. Liz :

    This is so great. Anahita, you are one strong and awesome woman!

  4. Robyn :

    Anahita, this is so awesome. Glad you found Verve!

  5. Erin S. :

    Yay, Anahita! So glad to have you as an awesome workout buddy. 🙂

  6. Maddie :

    You are a gorgeous bad ass. Oh my gosh, in all things. Thank you for being at Verve and making my own life richer. xo

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