Wednesday 170322

Weighted pull-ups

Row 1,000 meters

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I (Anna Mattson) wanted to take a second to add my two cents about Jordan.  I had the pleasure of working with Jordan when he first got into CrossFit; it is absolutely amazing the progress he has made since then.  Jordan’s progress is 100% attributable to the hard work and dedication he has put in both inside and outside of our four walls.  Jordan, we at Verve are so excited to see you what your future holds for you with CrossFit and everything else!


-Saturday, March 25th – Blue Moon RINO.  Let’s unofficially celebrate the end of the Open with some cocktails and crap talking!  We are planning on being there around 12:30pm but the event starts at 10am.


  1. M Cain :

    Longest Jordan has ever had on his shirt in the gym. Keep at it young man!

  2. Dangoia :

    Jordan Afraimi is my favorite crossfitter, hands down.

  3. Anna :

    Who knew the kid could sing?? Such a great video!

  4. Ali :

    This is so great! You are amazing Jordan!

  5. Erin S. :

    Great video! People would be hard-pressed to find a hard-working athlete or a nicer dude. Thanks for being so awesome, Jordan, and for consistently tolerating all of the weird adults around Verve (including Afraimi Senior). 🙂

  6. Kaplan :

    Jordan is a stud!!!

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