Wednesday 170503

Front squat

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Ron working through deadlifts during the Everyday Warrior Battles Series workout.

Thank you Ron Solt, for your brutal honesty regarding your first CD!  That is why we love you!


#1 – What is your hometown? Central City, Nebraska

#2 – How did you get started in CrossFit?  My sister talked me into trying it, glad she did.
#3 – Do you have a favorite workout or movement?  All I really know about any of the workouts is that no matter what, they always win the battle.  I do enjoy rowing and any barbell workout.
#4 – What is the screensaver on your phone right now?  I have a picture of a NYC street with its buildings in black and white and the cabs are yellow; it has absolutely no meaning to me other than I like the color contrast.
#5 – What was your first CD?  I really want to lie and say it was something cool like Zeppelin or Hendricks, but embarrassingly it was New Kids on the Block. (YES!!!)
#6 – Any advice for a new CrossFitter or someone wanting to try CrossFit?  As someone who is very new and was very apprehensive, I would tell them to stop letting the fear of what could happen be the reason for nothing happening and this is true both of taking the first step to attend a crossfit session and each and every skill or movement that you do in each class.  


  1. Ali :

    Yay Ron!! Plus he forgot to mention how deligent he is with his mobilization!! Always shows up to class 30 minutes early to mobilize. Glad you found Verve!

  2. Danni :

    So great, way to take it “Step by Step” 😉
    See what I did there??
    Happy to have you here, Ron!

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