Wednesday 170607

Back squat
2-2-2-2-2 (Across)

Then, tabata bottom to bottom squats
Followed immediately by 800m run for time

Post results to comments or BTWB


We learned a TON of lessons about Riley, and Riley learned one lesson about Gaby:

#1 – Riley LOVES rowing and going to the pain cave yet HATES handstand push ups. Riley – You can have my (Anna M) HSPU’s and I will take your rowing! Deal?  No? Maybe?

#2 – Spinners are not just for the entertainment of 10 year olds.

#3 – If Gaby G. says she is going to edit something out, she may not be telling you the truth!!

Riley -it is always great to have you in class and see your continual improvement.  


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