Wednesday 170628

For time:
Front squat 185#(125#)
Double unders

Post time to comments or BTWB

Noah O. at his finest!

Noah O. at his finest!


Noah has been a member since 2011!!  Noah is a regular at afternoon Open Gym, if you happen to run into him, please ask him about this picture!

Where are you from?  Canton, Ohio (Home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and nope, never been there).
What got you into CrossFit?  Former collegiate athlete looking for something that kept physical fitness interesting, but basically Trina made me do it. She’s scary.
What is your favorite workout?  Fran. Its the first WOD I completed RX, and even though I finished dead last the amount of support I had during those last few reps represents everything I love about Crossfit.
What is your least favorite movement?  Anything involving a rower. They’re terrible, don’t listen to Maddie’s lies.
First CD you ever owner? Sunny Day Real Estate – Diary (I’m Emo, not Goth).
Favorite Cheat Meal?  Five Guys, bag fries are the best. (s0lid choice)
Most frequently used Emoji? Taco. In these trying times I believe we call all agree on the awesomeness of tacos.


  1. Courtney :

    We both know we don’t agree on the amazing-ness that is the movie Goonies, but the tacos. . . the tacos we can agree on. I knew there was a reason I still read your posts on FB. 😉

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